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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, received a phone call, and went to the pharmacy to get my prescription filled. When I returned, I received my Google Wallet card which was nice. I will likely cancel my bank’s ATM card on Monday.

In addition, my brother stopped by for a few hours in the which was nice. He also brought a large sampling of their Thanksgiving dinner. I will likely heat that up tomorrow. I also updated his phone including the phone’s OS from 4.3 to 4.4 since he has a Nexus 4.

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Not much happened today. I finally got the update for Android 4.4, but some of the features I would have like aren’t on the Nexus 4. Nonetheless, I will be looking forward to possibly knowing what company is calling me being a pain in the behind since 4.4 supports CID with businesses. It was too cold to walk the dogs, so they will have to get a longer walk tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to mail off some documents, and get a few things at the grocery store. Not much else is planned for the day though. I will obviously walk the dogs, and will want to try to get some laundry finished as well.


Not much happened today. I spent a significant portion of my day waiting on FedEx. However, about 3PM, I received my rawhide sticks (for the dogs), and headphones. Once the headphones were charged, I paired it with the phone, and will have attempt to make use of them tomorrow.

Of course, the dogs had their walk, and brushing. I also watched a couple of videos, and chatted with someone on Skype. I also updated my OS to Windows 8.1 which I now have a completely useless button on my taskbar with my desktop environment.

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Not much happened today. I took the dogs out for a late morning walk, and one in the afternoon, however was in too much pain to take them in the evening. I guess it is just one of those days.

I also helped a friend set up an email account, as well as will soon be a web site. I will have to finish everything else tomorrow morning. I found the iPod nano, and updated that so it can continue to be used as a night player. The iPod Touch was updated later. The old PC is still serving with that regards, but I am hoping to move everything over to the new PC as it has taken almost 1/3 of the day to get the Nano with 830 songs added. The system was running hot which most of the time – the PC was upside down so the hot air could blow upwards.

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What Should Be in the Next Android OS

My life is good as for the regards to my cellular phone. I own the Nexus 4 which means I will always get the most recent version of the Android Operating System. With Android 4.2, I found a number of features that I really like, but I personally will like to see some features integrated with Android that would make the phone OS, a more capable system.

Now, I am sure that Google isn’t going to read this blog and say he is absolutely correct, and we need to do this. However, I am still interested in putting out my thoughts on what I think Android should include. I will be entering the features I will want to see from priority of importance.

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Today was much like any other Sunday with a small twist. I did the normal things such as update my players on my phone and iPod. Chris also stopped by for a couple of hours, and asked me to do something on his behalf with the PC. I also did some profile updates, and provided some help in a forum which I am sure will help the people needing the help in the right direction. I received a few messages which I prefer email, but one of them was a bit harsh, and unreasonable. This person decided to “unfriend” me which was fine from the way they behaved.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned tomorrow. I am considering on going to the post office, grocery store, and the bank, but not sure if I would do that tomorrow, or Tuesday. I might even split my errands in two. I will also have a couple of emails to write, and hopefully find something to put in my blog as well.