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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and did some writing on a document. I also had to do some updates on my phone’s applications. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely be home, but I will be expecting my brother to come. I do have to go to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription. I will also have to get a couple of loaves of bread, and add funds to my Connect Card as well. Otherwise, this is my day.

Tomorrow, will also be the last daily update, and any updates on my life will be on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. It is due to very short entries basically indulging on the rather dull life I have. Anything that might be a major event (in comparison to the other days) will be noted though. In such case, the posts will be posted on Sunday morning regarding the previous week.

HP-2000 and its true cost

Recently, I purchased and received an HP 2000 series PC. This system has a Pentium Mobile 2.4Ghz Dual Core CPU, 4GB of memory, Wifi, and USB 2.0 ports. There are also other specifications on this system, but I won’t go into that. What I will go into is what it would end up costing me in the end.

This will include not only the actual purchase price, but the cost of making sure the system is properly serviceable, and will suffice even at its state of quality for a period of time. I will also want to make sure the system is protected properly. All of this will cost extra. So, what is the final price?

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Not much happened today. I finished folding and preparing the work that will need to be sent out today. The only thing I will need to do is place stamps, and labels on. Since they will go out on Monday, that is not much of an issue. I also received an update on my from from 4.2.2 to 4.3. It’s not much of an update, but mostly to address a couple of bugs.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be home with the exception of walking the dogs. Chris said he was going to stop by, but that doesn’t always happen. Nothing planned until Monday, but that is for another day.


Today was a bit busier than most Saturdays – at least in the evening. The person whose PC I worked on had a couple of issues that needed to be addressed with his home network, and guest PC. His router was giving problems which I recommended that he may wish to consider a new router. As for his guest PC, it needed about 1GB of old compressed files to be removed, OS updates, Anti-Virus updates, and some other management issues. This took a little longer than expected. I made it there at 7PM, and finished at 10:30PM

When I returned home, I took the dogs out for their business, and bathed before heading for bed. As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs, and will have to do laundry as well. Some of the money earned today will be for laundry tomorrow.I will also have to make a phone call, and will do some work on my web sites.

Almost 2 years. Time for an Upgrade?

It has been almost two years, and in about 4 months – it would have been 20 months since I had the first revision of the My Touch as my cellular phone. When I bought it, I wanted it for GPS, and 3G capabilities. At the time, it was the only smart phone that was such an option for me. Now a days, in comparison – it will seem as if my phone is more like a toy rather than a phone. And there are times I am frustrated with the CPU lag it gives to me. Of course with a 528Mhz CPU on an OS that should be using twice the CPU, I guess I can’t blame it. So, I already know I wish to upgrade, but exactly what, and would I settle for less? Well, first I don’t see a reason to settle for less, and if there is no phone I am comfortable with on my carrier, I simply would either consider another carrier, or not get a new phone.

I will go into each and every detail that I will consider as important to me, and would offer my thoughts to such. With that in mind, I would focus on what I would want, and expect for my needs. While I am sure that there are other features some may find as important, that would be on their interests, and not so much of mine. However, I would of course need a smart phone that would support Google Voice, and offer the ability to tether without paying extra.

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October 21

Today was much like most days. However, I have got some results with the apartment hunting – although not good. One realtor had no rentals, and another has a 6 – 8 month waiting list.

I also received an SMS from T-Mobile noting that I should receive my updates sometime between today, and October 31. These will come in two increments, and will eventually get me Android 2.2. Just in time for it to be obsolete as 3.0 is being developed. Let’s face it, 2.2 has been around for about 7+ months

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Apple can Win the War with the Jail Break

There was an article about Apple filing a patent to detect “unauthorized” users and lock the phone, wipe the data, and notify an authorize user of the intrusion. However, some have decided to make this an anti-root tactic. Rooting (aka Jail Break) while legal in the US has always been something Apple does not want you to do. In my opinion, this is to keep you in the iTunes world, where everything goes through them, and with most roots – you get an alternative store full of everything that Apple didn’t allow. However, even with the patent filing, it is just a filing. Some of the things such as heartbeat detection is not a cost reality.

Apple if they wanted to win the war with the developers that are providing roots to the devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (which I believe will be the only kind of iPod in a year or two), then they can do it in the next non critical update. Here is how and why.

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July 22

Today was a bit of a quiet day. I did receive the Netflix DVD late which I will end up watching tomorrow, and just hopefully sending two off at the same time. However, a few unique things happened today – none of it is interesting. I did chat with a friend in the morning which is always a pleasure.

As for the unique things – mostly updates on both of my devices. Most important of them is the Google Voice update. Before, a data connection had to be made to make an outgoing call. I actually didn’t know that, but it seems as if that’s how the number was transmitted. Google Voice is now doing something that would be similar to direct dial services where a unique phone number / CID combination is used. This will relieve the need to make a data connection to make the call and just dial a number based on the contact.

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Facebook my Birdie!

Facebook is considering allowing users to post updates on Facebook to your Twitter account. Maybe it’s just me, but don’t anyone see the unintended consequences on this? Facebook is trying to get their SEO ranking higher so they are more popular on the Internet, but there has already been Facebook users on a regular basis that have struck out on every change of TOS that involves privacy.

And while I see this as possibly being a good thing, one does have to realize there would always be unintended consequences. I’m a Facebook user, and not a big one, but I have an account and everything. I wonder exactly what would happen with postings, and cross postings.

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