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Almost 2 years. Time for an Upgrade?

It has been almost two years, and in about 4 months – it would have been 20 months since I had the first revision of the My Touch as my cellular phone. When I bought it, I wanted it for GPS, and 3G capabilities. At the time, it was the only smart phone that was such an option for me. Now a days, in comparison – it will seem as if my phone is more like a toy rather than a phone. And there are times I am frustrated with the CPU lag it gives to me. Of course with a 528Mhz CPU on an OS that should be using twice the CPU, I guess I can’t blame it. So, I already know I wish to upgrade, but exactly what, and would I settle for less? Well, first I don’t see a reason to settle for less, and if there is no phone I am comfortable with on my carrier, I simply would either consider another carrier, or not get a new phone.

I will go into each and every detail that I will consider as important to me, and would offer my thoughts to such. With that in mind, I would focus on what I would want, and expect for my needs. While I am sure that there are other features some may find as important, that would be on their interests, and not so much of mine. However, I would of course need a smart phone that would support Google Voice, and offer the ability to tether without paying extra.

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Please – something good within a year

I’m at a dilemma here. I’m on a contract that ends in July for my phone, and I do want something better. However, I am stuck at some issues that is coming out. I don’t think there is anything perfect as for solutions, and this is of course partially the fault of the carrier. Maybe I should explain my situation. I bought a RIM Blackberry 8320. For those that don’t know, this is like the 8300, but lacking GPS for wifi, and UMA calling. I love the 8320 with the exception of the that as with all Blackberrys with numbers between 8000 and 8999, the data connection is EDGE. Also, the 8320 has no GPS. So, this means if I want GPS, I have to rely on Bluetooth, and the one I bought kills the battery, and was pretty much crap.

So, what do I want in my phone? Well, a smart phone of course. I am not going for iPhone even if it was on T-Mobile, and forget WinMo as a standard phone. I heard too many bad things of Windows Mobile, and I am not committing to 2 years of anything to regret over. GPS, and 3G is a must. I hate relying on Cell Triangulation, which could be accurate from 100 – 1000 meters. Oh, yeah – really good if I should have to go into a wheelchair, and trying to find a bus stop. EDGE is OK for some things, but I do rely on my phone for more than just basic browsing, and basic email. I definitely would love to have a call manager. I think it is more flexible, and cheaper to control incoming calls from the phone than to rely on Google Voice for the half ass way they do the phone rules. Don’t get me wrong, Google Voice is great, but not perfect. I would like to have UMA, although I am not as important to since I’m unloved, and no one calls. However, UMA is still important to keep my cell phone bill assured down.

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