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Week 10 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I had to get dog food before my appointment. I had my appointment on Wednesday, but didn’t have enough for both dogs for when Monday came. Therefore, I left at 7:25AM to get the 7:30AM bus to get me to the grocery store. It is actually nice to get to the store this early. While I got dog food, I also picked up some food to hold over until mid next week. Wednesday, I went to the dentist which I just needed some fillings. In addition, I tried to get a different type of dentures approved which didn’t happen.

I also ordered what I thought to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. In addition to the keyboard, I ordered a 6” micro-USB cable, and a case that was supposed to function as a stand for my Sero 7. The keyboard was for the Nexus 7 so I could give it a bigger role. However, the keyboard failed to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. After contacting Amazon with this issue, I received an RMA. I did informed them that this was one of the results I received when I searched for Bluetooth Keyboard. However, I had to print out a UPS label which meant I needed to go to Downtown to print the label (since I have no printer), and since the keyboard will not fit in a drop box, I went to Manchester to drop off at the UPS customer service station. Taking a 13 there, I had to walk a bit – and to return, I was able to take the 18 which I then transferred to the LRT line at Allegheny Station. I had to wait, so I decided to get lunch. Considering I have only a little bit of food, this was just a pain on the wallet so to say.

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Not much happened today. I had to return a defective product that didn’t work properly from the beginning. This meant I had to go to Downtown to print the RMA, and UPS label only to seal everything up, and mail it at a UPS drop box. The dogs couldn’t get their walk because it was too cold, however they still get to at least play a little while indoors. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much else is planned.


A bit happened today. First, UPS delivered the blanket I ordered which made life a little more comfortable. In addition, I went to Andrea’s to deliver my niece her new phone. She was extremely happy with it. However, since she is not under my account, she has to work with who owns her account will have to authorize a SIM card change. This is because her old phone uses a Mini-SIM, and the new phone uses a Micro-SIM.

Chris went to my place, and on the way to my place, we seen the Route 4: Troy Hill leaving while the 88: Penn was turning on Liberty Avenue. Since we had another 30 minutes to wait for the next bus (during the rush hour), I took the time to add funds to my Connect Card, then we got a Subway at the Subway Restaurant. We left with about 5 minutes to wait for the next bus. My brother left late at night to walk down the hill to catch the 54.

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Not much happened today. My kitchen sink froze again. In turn, the landlord brought a heater over, but it will be concern for the electric bill. UPS came and delivered a tablet case which so far, I am not fond of, and the phone for Alexis. After the delivery, I went to East Ohio Street where I deposit the money I received yesterday as well as get some soup which I need considering the tooth extraction. Otherwise, not much happened.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will hopefully see Alexis to where I can help her set up the new phone. I am also hoping it will be warm enough to take the two for a walk. Otherwise, not much is planned. I will be resting from the extraction though.


Today was a mostly positive day. I gave the dogs a short walk at 4:30AM which may seem outrageous, but it was the only time during the day that it was above freezing. However, the wind did hit hard, and I am assuming if it stun me, it would sting my two short hairs. The walk was less than 30 minutes. UPS came a little later than they normally did, but in turn – I got a few things that were ordered. Most of these things were for the dogs such as a new Kong Toy, two dog packs which they will carry the weights with, and dog shampoo. I also got a USB hub, but while reading the exterior, it mentioned it wasn’t meant for tablets – so it will be returned without me even opening it.

Another item I received was the Nexus 7 – LTE Edition. While I will be paying more in the long run with T-Mobile, it is broken into 24 payments of $15 each. This is acceptable especially since the tablet has the base 200MB of LTE connectivity with throttling afterwards and a $10 credit to offset the $10 monthly fee. Those whom might have read my First Impression blog post will assume I will be keeping this tablet. In a matter of fact, I ordered a case that has a Bluetooth Keyboard integrated which will allow the Nexus 7 to function a little as a productivity tool. The hub I am returning will offset some of the cost of the case.

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Not much happened today. I managed to walk the dogs twice. Also, late at night, the tablet has arrived in Pittsburgh, so hopefully UPS will deliver it tomorrow. I also worked on a web site, and watched a few videos. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, Andrea sent an SMS saying she will make a partial payment on the phone bill that was due a week ago. I for some reason have doubts on this though. Otherwise, not much is planned for the day.


Not much happened today. UPS came by to pick up the tablet that I intended on returning. That is good they came a day earlier than expected. In addition, Square Trade will be refunding the warranty on that. I also walked the dogs, and fed them.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely again – be home. My landlord informed me that he has a 2BR apartment (above me) available which while I don’t know anyone that will be interested, I told him I will keep my ear open.


Today was a bit of an eventful day. The dogs got their walks. I also decided to not keep the tablet I got on sale. Simply put, it was not what I will expect for quality, and had trouble to do just the basic tasks. Amazon will be sending UPS to pick up the tablet. If I knew that I would had to still make a printout at FedEx (for the RMA), I would have just sent it myself without UPS’s intervention.

Otherwise, not much else happened. I had a headache through a part of the day which wasn’t pleasant. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to be home, but otherwise – that will be all.


Not much happened today. I did a little work on my web sites, and watched a couple of videos. I also walked the dogs as normal. I had some problems with my Uninterruptable Power Supply unit, but considering its age, it is no wonder. I will have to try to get a new unit next month.

No plans for tomorrow, I will likely stay home. The dogs will get a fresh egg with their meal tomorrow. I will also give them a brushing. Otherwise, no other plans for the day.


Today was a very long day. I left about 9AM and didn’t get home until almost 5:30PM. Look at all of the things I do for family. First, Andrea needed a replacement phone, so I needed to make those arrangements. This was done in Downtown, and while I was dealing with the phone, I also paid the bill. Once I finished that, I sent Chris’ defective phone which was to be sent via UPS.

I then arrived at Andrea’s place which my youngest nephew for the second day in a row has been nothing but mean and miscreant to me. I am not taking it personally, but if it was my child, there would have to be a bit more discipline with him. I even caught him kicking Nippers (the family dog) which I really set him straight about that.

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