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Today was an eventful day. Talisa was acting obnoxious, although I managed to get on with it. I wanted to go to the store, but didn’t make it. I was however able to get my SIP line optimized. I also found a service that would work well with not only SIP Broker, but eNUM as well. In anticipation with the installation of the FiOS phone service, I am setting up dialing rules. These dialing rules will tell the phone which account to use when a call is made. For example, if someone calls 911 from the house phone, it will use the Verizon line since it supports 911. This is one of the things that I worked on.

I also worked on a couple of the pages on my Wish List. It wasn’t anything fancy, but still wanted to make some adjustments. I also had a small headache which I am sure I will recover from. Otherwise, this day was pretty quiet. I did a couple of other things, mostly technical in trying to resolve a problem with a SIP line. As for plans for tomorrow, I would need to make it to the grocery store, and the post office. It would seem as if my morning would be gone. I would have a couple of other things to take care of, and eventually seek to move a couple of things in preparation for the upgraded service that would happen on Tuesday.

First Impression: Verizon FiOS

After dealing with 6 months of terrible and inadequate service from Clear, I have decided to actually use a real ISP. Since I have been living in the current apartment for a couple of months, I would be able to actually choose a land line based service. I had three options. The first would have been Cable Internet from Comcast. The second would have been DSL from a wide range of providers, and the third was Fiber Optic Services from Verizon. Many of the DSL providers were requesting contracts with only a couple not requiring them. Needless to say, I left Consolidated Communications to go with Clear. I wasn’t going to leave one terrible company to go to another one.

I am not a fan of Comcast. They have terrible billing, and customer service – at least from my experience. They also have poor services at least from what I have witnessed with people who have them, and they are definitely over-priced. My brother for example pays more than $100 for his television service that gives out, and requires support at least most of the time I come (I don’t even touch the remote), and for their 1MBPS connection. For this, I find it as appalling.

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Today was a good day. The Verizon technician came about 9:30AM, and finished about 11:00. I had some problems with getting my SIP services running again, but this was resolved, and my ATA resides on one of the RJ45-10M ports. I will eventually need to work on getting everything completely set up, but the idea would be to rely on a cordless house phone while I am home, and therefore demand less on the cellular phone. The house phone as with the cell phone displays my Google Voice number, and this is what I want. Since PBXes.org has proven to be unreliable, I will have to wait until I can set up an IAX server before I attempt to have extensions, and make use of them.

I managed to write a couple of emails, and downloaded a lot of music files. I couldn’t reliably get these songs on the old ISP, but now was able to do that and much more. A video podcast that is almost an hour only takes a couple of moments to download. And of course, I took Talisa for a walk, played with her, and she managed to play with one of the dogs upstairs. She has been testing my patience though, which I am hoping is only a temporary phase.

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AT&T bought a T-Mobile, and it’s bad for everyone

On Sunday evening, AT&T made the initial offering to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 Billion, and stock in AT&T. Don’t worry Europe, you are safe from the evil monster, it’s only the US that getting bent over. And after the rumors opened on the Internet, T-Mobile confirmed it with a small FAQ of the acquisition. The only thing stopping this is US regulators such as the DOJ, and FTC. However, I feel this will not happen, and it would be bad for everyone as a whole. AT&T of course will benefit as they will instantly increase their network dramatically, and add to a customer base of loyal customers. They are even likely to usurp Verizon Wireless as the number one carrier. AT&T stock holders will love this, and in some twisted way of faith, customer of what would once have been T-Mobile will have the option of the iPhone. However, while their maybe some sugar coating, it is simply put bad for everyone. Not only is it bad for T-Mobile customers which is obvious, but it would be bad for everyone who relies on a cellular phone. In addition, it may even likely hurt the US economy. I will explain why.

First, let’s address how this will hurt T-Mobile customers. First, AT&T already noted that they will take the T-Mobile towers and use them for their LTE roll out. Guess what that means? This will be LTE on AT&T using AT&T’s spectrum. This will now mean that all of the 3G devices on T-Mobile will simply cease functioning, or at best go to 2G which is about 1/4 the capacity of the 3G. And don’t be fooled thinking because you have the new and latest Samsung Galaxy 4G, you are safe – because you are not. This is one thing I disagreed with T-Mobile calling their HSPA+ (high end 3G) 4G. It is not, and those customers thinking they are safe because AT&T is rolling out their 4G network is wrong. So if you are like me and was planning on spending $400 – $500 on a non contract price phone that you would have for a couple of years because you prefer T-Mobile, and the non contract price, you may end up paying more if the network starts shutting down in less than a year.

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Verizon iPhone – So?

A couple of days ago, the Verizon iPhone has been announced, and everyone is so happy. However, I am guessing these people that are thrilled probably don’t understand what just happened.

First, while the antenna position has been moved (due to frequency bands), it is estimated that it will not have the calling issues that AT&T faces – that is if the problem is the antenna. Next, the phone will be on CDMA. CDMA is obsolete technology in my opinion. Some of us remembers the days where you would be surfing the internet on your 56k modem, and a call came in, your ISP is dropped. Well CDMA is just a little better. You answer the call, and your data is dropped. Continue reading Verizon iPhone – So?

Progress on the Hunt

Today, I went to the only apartment I found that would hopefully meet my needs. I spoke with the property owner, and he would have to install a ramp for the time I would end up dealing with a wheelchair. In comparison to what I have now, this is a downgrade, but considering that this unit will no longer accept Section-8 in the next lease year, and a 1BR is more than my month’s income + utilities, I definitely can not even think of this place.

So, what is my initial assessment of this apartment? Well, the owner seems pretty reasonable, and seems as if he is willing to work with me. I have informed him that I can not afford to pay more than what I am paying now. As for financial considerations, my hopes is to get the utilities included, and get the security deposit waived (unlikely), or reduced. However, there are other considerations too.

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A Comparison of Phone Reality

Many people in the US have cell phones. In addition, many people rely on SMS messages since voice tends to be expensive. However, there are definitely times where voice is desired, or even necessary. So, I figured that I would define what might be the best phone plans with US carriers.

Now, there are so many options, and so many variables, that I am not going to be able to go into every detail. However, I am going to establish some standards now.

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Verizon’s ETF Sucks, but they have funny commercials

In the US, the two biggest carriers are Verizon Wireless, and AT&T. As for pricing, they are both about the same ($100 unlimited voice + $20 unlimited SMS + $30 unlimited data) = $150 + tax/fees. Verizon is CDMA only which is not compatible with the large inventory of unlocked GSM phones. In addition, Verizon has been known for only having rather basic cell phones rather than anything anyone really wants to have.

AT&T has many phones that people love to have, and has been known to the be the place for cool phones (although still lacking Android. In addition, in the US, AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the locked iPhone. Even if you bought, and fulfill your contract, you can’t get it unlocked – so like Verizon where it would seem more like you should be renting the phone rather than owning it.

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Verizon Wireless is number 3 with Android

Verizon is the third major US carrier with the Android based phones coming to the network. The first of course was T-Mobile who took two phones in with open arms, and soon to have a third or maybe a fourth one. The second is Sprint which took the first one when Android 1.6 came since it had CDMA support. Verizon claims that a number of phones with the Android OS would be made available.

This would lead me to wonder a couple of things. First, Verizon is known for locking their devices down. Go into a Verizon store, offer to buy a phone at full price, and ask them to unlock it, and they will tell you no. This isn’t too open to me. So, what would be of the Android phones that come in? Will they be lacking wifi (most Verizon phones do not have wifi). Will the Android Market Place be restricted, or some applications be blocked from use? If this becomes the case, Verizon acquiring Android phones may do Android more harm than good. Why would publicity be harmful? Well, let me explain.

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A Letter to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is my cellular carrier for my cell phone which is also my home phone. No, I don’t give my T-Mobile number out, that is another company that does that, but if you read this post in full (by selecting the read more link), you would find all of the things I have to say hopefully to suggestions on T-Mobile.

For those that don’t know, T-Mobile is a national true cellular carrier within the US. In the US, there are 4 such carriers which are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile (biggest to smallest). Everyone else is either regional providers (has towers but not national coverage), or VMNO (rents the cell towers from someone else). So for those that wish to read a 3 page letter, by all means – enjoy

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