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Week 42 – 2014

Not much happened this week. Andrea, and Chris had some problems which meant he spent a few days with me. Otherwise, not much else happened. I got flea prevention medicine for the dogs which I will use in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, not much else happened. I wasn’t as productive as I would like to have been with my document that I have been working on, but this should hopefully change come next week. As for plans for next week, I will have to do some things that some people I deal with won’t like, but this is their consequences. I will also have a couple of errands to address which I am going to try to do everything at one time.


Not much happened today. Chris finally dropped the money he said he was going to do this past weekend. He also came by for a little while, but spent some time dealing with his employer over the phone. I did a little research, and made a phone call with no results. The dogs got walked in the morning which they needed.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely try to get some laundry done, and if possible go to deposit some money in the bank. Otherwise, nothing else planned for the day.


Not much happened today. Someone was supposed to stop down, but didn’t show. I pretty much expected that. Chris stopped down with a partial payment from Andrea. Otherwise, today has been much like most other days towards the end of the month.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a dental appointment tomorrow, but otherwise – again it will be a quiet day. About half of the money from Andrea will also be deposited into the bank to eventually transfer to the credit card.


Not much happened today. I done the last of my laundry. This include towels, a couple of rags, and covers. I did a little work on my site, and Chris came by in the afternoon. He spent the rest of the afternoon, and the evening here which was good – although he took a nap while he was here, so it wasn’t all spent with thrills.

Not much is planned for tomorrow. Being a Sunday, I will stay home with the exception of walking the dogs. I will have to do a few things other than the sites which I will do in the afternoon. Otherwise, things will be relatively quiet.


Not much happened today. I was in too much pain to walk the dogs, so they will probably be ready to go the next day. Chris also stopped by today for a couple of hours. Otherwise, I spent a bit of the time napping to relieve the pain, or watching a show on Hulu.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have a number of things I will need to do. I will need to get some supplies which I should have done earlier. And of course, the dogs will need a long walk. Otherwise, not much is planned for tomorrow. If I am up to it, I might consider also addressing my laundry needs.


Today was a bit of an excited day. Xavier came for a whole day. He enjoyed the dogs, and watched toddler’s shows all day. He did get knocked down a couple of times, and hurt a little, but nothing he didn’t forgive later. I met Andie halfway in Downtown which he picked up the now very tired dog. In addition, Nicole wanted to see Malak, so I made the arrangements of course during the walk. Needless to say – Talisa sought the attention as well.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will watch a Netflix disc, and I will have to do my laundry as well. I will also need to call Chris and remind him of the appointment for Talisa tomorrow for her vaccinations. I am hoping that while they are doing her vaccinations, I will see I will have to do to get her tested for heartworm. I will also have to make a similar appointment for Malak.