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Not much happened today. I took the dogs on a shorter morning walk, but to make up for the short walks last night, and this morning, they went on a walk to Cedar Avenue on East Ohio Street. In addition, an XFinity rep asked if I will be interested in their services which I was not. They also got their normal evening walk, while Malak’s former owner seen them, and was happy to see him. Not much else went on, and I had a lot of time with the dogs.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be taking Talisa to the Humane Society so she can get some shots. These shots will be for her her annual vaccinations, and pre-op surgery. Chris will be taking me there.

Got Malak

About an hour ago, I have got Malak,  although the cage will have to be dropped off later today. From initial observations, he has some good things, and some bad things. He seems a little food aggressive which will have to be corrected. He however walks really well, and hope that the behavior can rub off on Talisa. And yes, I had walked them both at the same time. Talisa is obviously more excited, and hyper than Malak. This will most likely mean that Malak will get rewarded first. However, I will keep to being fair as rewarding the one with the better behavior first. I will still have to get his license, and get to him neutered. However he has his ID tag, and a leash which is the same as Talisa’s. Hopefully, Chris will bring the needed tools for the treadmill.

After the initial excitement, I am confident that both dogs will have the good behaviors rub off on each other. They do play well together which is good, a;though while composing this posting, they almost knocked over the PC. They are rough which will concern some people watching, but it is all fun and play. I will one day try to make a video of their play. Needless to say, it is always supervised, and corrections are made as needed. I will of course post on their websites as well.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped for a little while, but couldn’t bring the tools needed. I also met with Malak again, and was hoping to walk him with Talisa. Talisa was a bit excited of walking, and Malak has some separation anxiety with the current owner – which I can’t blame him considering this was his first good home he had. It will take some time to gain the trust, but I am confident it will happen. Of course, Malak, and Talisa got along just fine though.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to see Andie which I am hoping to get the money she will owe as well as the phone bill she has. If all works out, I will get the money order for the Humane Society so they will be able to vaccinate, spay and micro-chip Talisa. I will also be trying to work with Malak later today. Most likely, I will give Talisa a long walk, and meet with them so they can play together for a little while, and then take Malak for a short walk encouraging him with Duck Jerky. I will also be updating both Malak’s and Talisa’s blog.

Going Nowhere Fast

Earlier today, I chosen to order a treadmill from Fingerhut. The price is higher than I will like, but it seems to be the most realistic option. There will be a few reasons why I ordered this. First, I am a bit on the bigger side, and hoping that walking will help. In addition, I have Talisa with another possible dog on the way. It is only the right thing to do in assuring they have the exercise they will need. Most of the year, this won’t be a problem, but in the Winter time when the snow comes in, it will be much harder to give them a sufficient walk (especially with the hills). It will also be a means of calming the dogs.

Since I am on the bigger side, and my ankles will prevent me from running, the best thing I can really see me doing will be to walk. However, walking Talisa hasn’t always been the most productive as I will at times have to stop, and calm her down when she is overly excited. This only makes get a workout harder. By having a treadmill, I can set a higher speed, and walk without having to stop and calm or correct a dog.

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Today, not much happened. I walked Talisa along to the East Ohio walk which she seems to enjoy. I also decided to tolerate the pain, and walk her without a crutch. This is because I am expecting the male Pit Bull soon. If they don’t walk well on the same side, I will have to have one on each side of me. It would be insane to walk them separately, and it would keep them in a pack organization as they may start competing for everything which is not something that I (or any other owner will want).

Otherwise, I received a call from an associate that was being an a**hole. However, I deal with that accordingly. Chris also stopped by for a while, but he wasn’t able to take me to the grocery store as I was hoping for. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the post office, and hope to get to the grocery store as well.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped down to get a couple of things. In addition, a person seemed to have passive aggressively complained how I walked my down too close to his yard while still on the sidewalk. This is because his little toy dog seems to constantly bark at Talisa who just looks over to it, and sometimes moves toward it to say hi. I figured the next time I hear such a remark, I will remind him that I will control my dog, and he can control his dog.

I also decided to feed a small meal to Talisa in the morning, although this will mean a slight increase from what the suggested standards are. I will of course keep an eye on the body shape to keep her from getting obese, or even fat. In addition, she will get an egg once a week to keep her coat shiny. In the morning, she will also get a little meat to supplement the 1 cup of food, and the evening, she will get chicken broth with the 3 cups of food. So far, she has enjoyed the broth with the dry dog food.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be expecting a Netflix disc which I will watch before walking Talisa in her evening walk. Otherwise, little else planned.


Not much went on today. I took Talisa for a 90 minute walk, and was going to take her for another walk, however it started to rain, so I only got about 20 minutes in. Since today was a federal holiday, there was nothing I could do as I have no buses during Sundays, and holidays. I watched a little TV, and played catch with Talisa.

I also chatted with a good friend, and somehow broke my F4 key. I will need to see if I can get a replacement. For now, there is a piece of tape holding the key, and keeping things out of the PC. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to finish what needs to be done. This will include getting a couple of things, going to a bank, and acquiring a few things I forgot on Saturday. I should also be expecting a DVD today as well.