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Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

About a month ago, I received the Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones which was purchased from Walmart. I purchased the headphones as I would prefer to have no wires with my headphones while listening to music. Any set of headphones I would buy needs to have a microphone as the headphones would be used with my cellular phone.

So, what would I recommend after a month with the headphones? Well the first 3 weeks – the headphones were sufficient. They were cheap, so I never expected much, but during the third week, the battery seemed to start to die after just a couple of hours of music playing. The volume was always kept at a normal rate, and I rarely receive phone calls, so this wasn’t the culprit. A few days before writing this post, the power button fell in the headphones – now making them unusable. I would be contacting Walmart in a day or two to hopefully get the headphones replaced, but this is not a good sign. Continue reading Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

Review: Hisense Sero 7

This is a review after my first impressions. I had this tablet for over a week now, and don’t think my opinion of it will change. This seems to be a bit to the point as I try to give at least a couple of weeks for a review after I received the item. Again, the role of the Sero 7 was to replace the iPod Touch that went dead after a few years of owning it. While the two products are drastically different, I will also be doing some comparison with the two.

The Sero 7 has 1GB of memory, but functions more like a device with only 512MB of memory. The tablet has stuttered on a number of occasions with just doing basic things. Transitions with the menu is delayed, and even play a simple casual game such as Fruit Ninja has stuttered. I am blaming this on the UI overlay that Hisense has put on the tablet. The tablet has a 1.2Ghz CPU which is a 3 – 4 year old CPU. My G2x had a 1Ghz CPU, and that has been replaced after two years of owning it almost a year ago. The manufacturer claims 4GB of storage, but at best, only about 1GB of storage is available even after removing all of the non-OS apps. The screen resolution is 1024×600. This is a ppi of 170 and that is apparent. It runs Android 4.1 and was upgraded to 4.1.1 which I am guessing was to address any problems with drivers the manufacturer may have had. All of the ports are at the top which includes USB2 (charging and synching), HDMI, 3.5mm headphone, and a micro-SD card slot. The power and volume is located on the left side. There is a VGA quality front camera, but in my experience – was worthless. There is a 3400mAh battery, and support for Wifi-bgn. There is NO Bluetooth however.

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Not much happened today. I have received the tablet early from Walmart. I will do a first impression on it. I also went to the grocery store to get dog food, and butter while also going to the pharmacy on East Ohio Street to pick up a cheap speaker which wasn’t that cheap. Otherwise, I took the dogs for a walk, and watched a couple of videos. I also ordered a 32GB micro-SD card which will be installed into the tablet. The card will function for my media that will have to go on the tablet. This is especially important since there is less than 2GB of storage on the tablet as well. As for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs early, and wait for the card to be delivered to me. I otherwise have little other plans for the day. Likewise, nothing is planned for the weekend.

First Impressions: Hisense Sero 7 LT

My iPod Touch went dead (technically life support). It was failing to charge properly. It would stop for no reason, and act in an erratic behavior. Considering I had this player since 2009, I am satisfied with the work I got into it. However, 5 years ago was some better days. Simply put, there was no desire to keep a player where I will be forced to use iTunes which have been becoming more of a Pain in the Ass with every update. So with my iPod Touch about to no longer function, I needed a new media player. I wanted a few things with my new player such as:

  1. Android OS (iOS is too expensive, and iTunes has a lack of confidence)
  2. A sufficient enough screen to function as a bedside clock
  3. Sufficient space to hold a large collection of music
  4. A good dim setting on the screen
  5. Wifi-N

The Hisense is not a great player, but it is good enough. Considering I needed something on a budget as if I had $250 or more, I would have acquired a Nexus. I got the HiSense about 12PM today, and therefore had it for about 8 hours. I of course charged it which the plug gave me a hard time in plugging in. The Sero 7 has a dual core 1.6Ghz CPU, 1GB of memory, and 2GB of storage (although much is used by the OS, and software). It has a front side camera which I am not so interested in – but no rear camera. It connects with Wifi-N, and has no cellular connectivity. It has microUSB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, and a micro-SDHC (32GB capacity). All of these ports and jacks are on the top. The power and volume is towards the top left, and problematically close. The tablet is exclusively available at Walmart, and their page noted that it had Android 4.1, and Android 3.0. Obviously, one was a typo, and thankfully for Walmart, the tablet has 4.1 and would have been returned if it was lower. The tablet has most of the Google Applications, but for some reason is not capable of installing Google Keep. This means it will never serve as my primary tablet (and therefore still need such).

The Good

It was cheap. I bought it for about $90 with taxes, and S&H. While I would have wanted something better, my budget constraints will force otherwise. The screen resolution isn’t great, but good enough. Even after removing almost all of the software I would never use, I only had about 600MB of storage for applications. And Vudu can not be uninstalled. The screen is responsive, and the applications load well enough considering. The tablet also has a good enough shape for it as well.

The Bad

The back has been slippery. It went out of my hands twice today, and thankfully the headphones has lessen the impact. The front camera is horrible, and unusable for anything other than the most basic of video chatting in extremely good lighting conditions. The placement of the buttons, and connections are odd to say the least, and will take some getting used to. And while the CPU, and memory is sufficient, you have 2GB of storage. If you want to do anything beyond what they gave you, expect to get a micro-SDHC card. I personally spent $25 at Amazon for a 32GB card which will hold all of my media. Yes, you can use Pandora, and Play Music, but if you leave your home network, you better have a cellular router.

The tablet also has decided to disconnect itself when it doesn’t think it needs to be connected to the Wifi Network. If you want this device to provide a second screen for email, Twitter services, and other social networks, you may be giving this tablet a few choice words. It also gave me some problems with my WiMax router. And while I know WiMax isn’t the best choice, this tablet still gave problems with connections. It didn’t give any problems with home router

The keyboard is terrible. I am actually considering looking into another keyboard. Since I am happy with the Google Keyboard on my Nexus 4, I never thought of a suitable replacement. Which brings me to another issue. This tablet does not have stock Android on it. It has a somewhat modified UI, and while it is not the kind that screams in your face such as LG’s or Samsung’s – the placement of certain things is not where they should be with the stock version.

The tablet went through 3-4 updates, and while I never complain about updates, these updates didn’t update the OS (still at 4.1.1). This leads me to believe there were some serious bugs with the drivers, or the UI changes. In other words, Hisense didn’t take time to make sure their tablet worked properly. With so many updates in the first day, you would expect an OS update. And as I mentioned before, there are some software issues – even with Google apps. While Google Keep is a minor program, there could be other programs that won’t work. I guess it shouldn’t be a big issue since you only have about 600MB of storage.

There is no Bluetooth. With Bluetooth built into most CPUs, it would seem as if every device should have Bluetooth. If you want a wireless listening experience, you are SOL. Also, there doesn’t seem to be an Auto-Brightness feature which means no ambient light sensor. The accelerometer also seems to be a little too sensitive switching from vertical to horizontal on the screen at a whim.

The Ugly

Yes, I know this is a sub-$100 tablet, and you get what you pay for, but if Walmart is doing as Amazon where they hope to make their money on after market purchases (such as Vudu content), you would think that this tablet will have a value of $125. For that, I would have expected more storage and maybe someway to have a kickstand or other means of propping up the tablet. If they are shoving Vudu down my throat, you would figure they will put more thought in how a person will use the tablet. And as with many devices these days – no removable battery. At least I can store 32GB of content (with a Micro-SD card)

Final Thoughts

If you are like me, and very tight on money, this might be a Good Enough tablet. However, there is nothing great about this tablet. Most good things about this tablet is just Good Enough. However, it does seem as if you can eliminate all non-OS apps with the exception of Vudu. Again, app management is just good enough. Based on first day experience, the tablet will last most of the day. However, a better solution if you can spend an extra $50 might be the HP Slate 7. At least, there is a chance in hell to get an update. I have no confidence of any OS updates with the Hisense. If you are like me, and want a much better tablet, try to save the $250 for an Nexus 7. While this tablet (with the SD card) will have more storage, you will likely get a great experience.

However, this tablet will be a primary tablet until I can afford for a Nexus 7. Once that happens, it will be demoted to home media device. As a home media player with clock functionality, Good Enough is probably Good Enough.


A bit happened today, some of which was disappointing. First, I had a doctor’s appointment which was not much happened there. The doctor prescribed something for a small ear infection. Otherwise, nothing much happened. I then went to Downtown to check on my mail in false hope that One Main Financial finally sent the check they should have a week ago. It would seem as if they hadn’t yet. I will be checking again on Monday the 19th when I go for another appointment.

In the mid afternoon, the shopping cart ordered from Walmart came. This will mean that future events that I will have to go grocery shopping, especially for dog food, the cart will be taken. Since dog food is 38lbs (17.23kg) for the bag that will last two weeks, the idea is I should be able to put a minimum of one, and hopefully two bags in, and make it easier to bring the food back home, especially since I have to walk at least 3 city blocks to get to the closest bus stop to go home.

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Not much went on. It was a bit hot in the day, but I did walk the dogs in the evening. I was fortunate for when I did considering that it rained very hard about 10 minutes after I got home.

I also had to go to the Walmart. I went to Walmart to get a dog feces scoop which it wasn’t the style I liked, but the cheapest one. I also got a 25’ leash. This will eventually work on conditioning the dogs, and I will have to use for Talisa since she decides to sometimes make me go down. I will just be able to tug on the leash.

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Today was much of a busy day. I got out of bed late, but managed to start the day. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of extra prescriptions that were not filled. I also called the dentist, but got their voice mail again – so needless to say, I decided to not leave a message again. After I went to the pharmacy, I went to the hospital to get an EKG that the new anesthesiologist recommended for me to get. Personally, I see no point in it, but it was done nonetheless. After that, I took a 74B to go to the Waterworks Mall to pay a bill, and then got a couple of notebooks. I also needed to get a new cable which I got one, and headed back home. Once home, I got about 40 new songs and would look to get more, although – I will probably be able to get just one more album.

As for the inspection, the landlord told me that were a couple of things that needed to be addressed, and they will come back again on Monday. So, that means blah blah blah – delays, blah blah blah. Maybe I am sounding like an a-hole, but that has been going on since January. Hopefully, there will be no more delays. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store, and get some groceries. I am going to have to stay on the cheap side, and of course if I get anything new – make sure I won’t need to use a microwave. I will also be dropping off some pages that Andie asked for. Hopefully, she will have bus fare for me. No other plans for the day, so hopefully all can be done quickly.

Upgraded to Unbearable

My 17” finally became intolerable, and wasn’t able to function. It blacked out every few moments for a minute or two. There were times, it was blacked out more than it was functioning. So, I went to the back up monitor which is a really old and crappy 14” CRT, and gives about 12” visible. To top it off, the best resolution makes the text a little hard to read, but downgrading to the next lower resolution would only make everything except reading poor.

So, what must I do? I would have to buy a new monitor. A 15.6” LCD new with Walmart is $100 with taxes, and shipping to the store. I will be checking Amazon, and a pawn shop Chris recommended, but I am expecting at $100 which would only hurt my other costs. However, I am nonetheless stuck with this unbearable monitor until I can get something better.

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