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Today was a busy day. I received replacement dog bones treats for the dogs which I get a supply of 12 every month. I also did some work on a document, and walked the dogs. In addition, someone that owed money paid out in the early afternoon. In addition, Chris stopped by in the late evening, and spent the night. I also played a little bit of games, and did some browsing. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to walk the dogs, and go to the bank to make a deposit. In addition, I will have to drop off a prescription that is due on Saturday.


Today was a bit of a quiet day. It cooled down a little, but warmed up. I feel that my PC has been failing more and more. It is a bit frustrating that I can only afford low end PCs. Nonetheless, I did a little bit of browsing on the web, and some searches. I also fed the dogs a steakum for their  evening meal along with the regular food.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will pay bills which almost all will be done at home. I will have to pay for my PO Box which might be the last time. I will also have to try to get some iced tea, and get cleats for my shoes. Otherwise, much of day will be home.


Not much happened today. I wrote a few emails, and cleaned out my junk boxes (email and voicemail). I also browsed a few web sites, and worked on a long post. Otherwise, not much went on.

No plans for tomorrow. I will have to walk the dogs earlier as Duquesne Light is expecting to cut power for an hour. This power cut is to do some repairs, but it is in the middle of the dogs’ exercise. It is times like this I wish I owned a house, and had a standby generator.


Today, things were much like every Sunday. I watched a little television, did some web browsing, try to get my dogs to do some basic commands. They of course had their morning walk, and afterwards, they had their morning meal with an egg mixed in with it. Most of my day was pretty quiet.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to Downtown, as well as make a couple of calls. I will also be expecting to get the replacement battery from HP shipped by FedEx. I am expecting the battery to come early in the day.

T-Mobile Verdict

I have been with T-Mobile for a couple months now. I have been using T-Mobile for EDGE Data services for my notebook, but with the inclusion of using Cellular services, things are somewhat different.

The services is about the same as with everyone else. Like with all carriers in the US, they have a perk which is unique just to the carrier. For example, AT&T offers the ability to have unused minutes to carry over for a up to a year. T-Mobile offers two of such perks, although the second one requires a special dual mode GSM/Wifi phone.

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