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Week 30 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I went to my brother’s place a couple of time, one with the dogs. Otherwise, I took them out for a walk when the weather was good, and when I wasn’t in a lot of pain. I also did some work on a site that is in BETA that will soon be a part of a new domain. For the most part, this week has been relatively quiet. As for plans for next week, not much is planned – especially considering it is the end of the month. I will hopefully get the unlock code for the phone I wanted to sell. If not, I will have to call T-Mobile and demand something in return. I will also hopefully be able to get some of the money that will be needed for Talisa’s test.

Week 28 – 2014

This week has been a hectic week. I took the dogs out for two long walks which I might have over done it a little. I also got a friend request from a half-sister. If the past gives any clue to the future, it will not be productive. However, I am giving a chance again. I received a cheap phone and an micro-SD card which is intended for a friend, but it will seem as if according to the UPS web site – shipping the phone will cost 3 times as much as the phone is worth. Needless to say, I will have to look to other shippers. I will be checking with FedEx and USPS on Monday.

Otherwise, not much else happened this week. I finished a web site, and will soon work on a new one. I will also want to do some updates on a couple of other sites that are in the works. In addition, there is some work being done on a site that is not yet in existence. As for plans for next week, I will have to go to the Social Security Administration, the FedEx Store, and the Post Office in Downtown. If I win the domain, I will have a new domain in my inventory. If not, I will be refunded the pre-registration. I also have to take the two dogs for their annual check up. Thankfully, Nicole who gave Malak is able, and willing to take me there. Otherwise, it will would have been a bit of a long walk to get them there.

Week 21 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I had a dental appointment to try to correct my upper dentures which seems to have to go back to the lab for fixing. I also did some work on a few of my sites which I was hoping to accomplish more, but it is OK. Last, I purchased an album from Within Temptation, and got a new head collar for one of the dogs. Malak’s collar is wearing – so I bought a red one for Talisa. This will allow me to use Talisa’s older collar for Malak. And since I have Amazon Two day Prime shipping, and they will be sending it via Fedex, I will get it in about a week.

As for plans for next week, I will be walking the dogs to my brother’s, and they will get a couple of other longer walks, but most likely to Downtown or the Strip District. I am also expecting one of my domains that I had pre-registered to hopefully clear through. If not, I should get a refund. At the end of the week, I will expect to get my benefits which will mean I will have to pay my bills. Otherwise, I will continue doing what I am doing with the one web site I have been focusing on.

Daily No More

On 2014-02-22, the last daily post was made. This post was published on 2014-02-23. The reason of this is very little day to day activity occurs where there is a warrant for a daily post. Most of the time lately, it has been an effort to gather a few sentences, and the next day’s plans are of little better. Essentially, writing a daily post has become a monotonous trial. And of course, some people can attribute that to my boring life, and in that instance, I will agree with them. However, it does not change the facts any.

In turn, from this point on – there will be a weekly update which will cover days Sunday – Saturday. Such post will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. In turn though, when there is something that happens in my life that I feel warrants publishing, I will do so. If it is something that is just general activity, then it will be under the Just Life Category. I will also of course write blog postings on other subjects as the effort arises.


Not much happened today. I managed to walk the dogs twice. Also, late at night, the tablet has arrived in Pittsburgh, so hopefully UPS will deliver it tomorrow. I also worked on a web site, and watched a few videos. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, Andrea sent an SMS saying she will make a partial payment on the phone bill that was due a week ago. I for some reason have doubts on this though. Otherwise, not much is planned for the day.


Being today was a Sunday, not much happened. I did a little bit of writing on a document I been working on, and watched a few videos. I also got to walk the dogs, but otherwise – not much happened today which is pretty much expected on a Sunday. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to run an errand into Downtown, and hopefully pick up some bread as I am running extremely low (just enough for tomorrow). However, considering that tomorrow is supposed to go down in temperature and not go up, it won’t be a tolerable day tomorrow. I will hopefully be able to accomplish everything I need to quickly and efficiently.


Not much happened today. It was too cold to walk the dogs, and since the treadmill is broke, their only exercise was some play in the back yard. I worked on a document, and a couple of pages on a web site. I also watched a couple of shows on Netflix. For the most part – my day was pretty quiet. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping (with no confidence) that it warms up enough to get the dogs at least for a short walk. However, not much else is planned.


Not much happened today. I was able to get the dogs walked, and fed them of course. I also did a little work on a web site which I am hoping to have finished soon. Chris did stop by in the evening, but he didn’t have the phone bill money. He said he will come down in the evening tomorrow to bring it. Otherwise, not much happened. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely be home, although I do have to make a call, but again for the most part – no plans for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs for a longer walk since it was nice and warm out. I also did a little work on a web site, but for the most part – not much happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the grocery store to get some dog food, and food for myself. Hopefully, I will do this in the morning, but it will all depend on how I feel in the morning.

Likewise, no plans for the weekend. In turn, I will likely remain home. Not much is planned until next month, as the rest of the month is going to be rather quiet.