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Week 47 – 2014

This week has been relatively quiet, as is most weeks in the second half of the month. I had to get some groceries which I done so with no issue. I also placed an order with Amazon for an item which someone was kind enough to gift me a portion of the proceeds with regards to the item. I will be making note of it when I get it. I also ordered a set of headphones which I needed. In addition, I got a free Spring/Autumn jacket which will do no good in the Winter, but will help in other times of the year. Last, I got an email from someone I rarely hear from, and replied – so I would guess I won’t hear from that person for a while again.

As for plans for the coming week, I will have an errand to do which will be done on Monday. I will also expect the Amazon package to come on Sunday. Not much else otherwise, especially with it being the end of the month. I would continue to do some work on my web sites, and documents that I hope to accomplish before the end of the year – but for now, things are pretty quiet.

And the Craziness Concludes

Today (2014-07-14) was a crazy day. First, I had to run a couple of errands. This led me to walk the dogs early in the morning. I then boarded a bus to go to Downtown at 8AM. Out of this, I went to find out shipping costs for an item so I will know when I get a similar item. I also got an email from an eBay seller to tell me that what I asked for wasn’t what I got. So, that was a thorn in the side. I also went to FedEx to make a few copies, and get a receipt scanned to .pdf. After the post office, and FedEx, I waited in line to get into Social Security to get verification of my income. I went home, walked the dogs again, and went back out after I dropped off everything I done. I went to the pharmacy to pick up something there, and made it back home.

Part of what needed to be done was fold some documents which then had to be stamped, and prepared to send. The income verification would have been among them, but the envelope from the company was defective which meant I had to call them, and get an address I can send mail too. That will have to be done when I get the chance. I will have that document and what needs to be done prepared beforehand. The receipt is for my Nexus 5 which I chose to spend $90 for a 2 year agreement as compared to what I would have to pay with  T-Mobile. I sent an IM to the person that was supposed to have the phone about the defect. I also sent a message to help someone, wrote two blog postings on my Technology Blog, and a posting on this blog (other than this one), and concluded the day with dinner, and ending the evening.

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Week 24

This week was a little busy, but much the same. I spent a part of it working on a couple of sites – mostly addressing the fsp.rentals sub domain. I also had an appointment with my anesthesiologist. The dogs got walked most of the days, but there have been times where the pain was a little unbearable to walk them. On Saturday, I received new backup headphones – although no support for phones, so it will only work for the tablet. It is however better than almost nothing.

As for plans for the next week, I will have to go to the bank to deposit money to transfer to my credit cards. I will also expect a charge for my Kindle to come through. In addition, I will need to do some laundry, especially socks. However, much of next week will be like this week.

Week 20 -2014

Not much happened this week. I had a dental appointment in the North Side which I also dropped off my prescription that will need to be filled next week, and I got the last of my groceries. I also done some work on a couple of my websites which I have been working on advancing as well as preparation for a hopeful future site to come into being. Otherwise, things have been relatively quiet, and dull. As for plans for next week, I will have to go back to the dental office to get my dentures adjusted, and hopefully functioning properly. I will also have to do laundry, but for the most part – little else is planned.

Hopefully New Domains to Come

I had set forth a pre-registration for four domains. Two of them have been attempted through Name.com, while the other two have been attempted through Dream Host. A pre-registration is an attempt to acquire the domain names before they become available for the general public to acquire. And while I don’t know the intricacies of the system, I will like to hope it is based on priority and then first come – first serve basis. Even with this in mind, I am not guaranteed to win any of them. The domains are as follows:

  1. fsp.condos
  2. fsp.country
  3. fsp.rentals
  4. fsp.xyz

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New Domains–New Sites to follow

Recently, new domains have become available. These are offered through the release of new extensions. Every domain is divided into at least 3 parts. There is the sub-domain, the domain name, and the extension. In some cases such as UK domains, there are a sub extension. To give an example, frank.pilone.name is as follows. Frank is the sub-domain, Pilone is the domain name, and name is the extension. A single entity (whether be person or company) owns a domain name with a respective extension. For example, I own Pilone.name, but someone else owns Pilone.com (although they don’t seem to do anything with it).

Now, ICANN (the company that allows new extensions, and assigns a country with their domain extension) released new extensions with more on the way. Now, I feel that some of the domains don’t make as much sense, and many of them aren’t relevant to me. I will note some that I will consider as relevant to me, and why. There are currently one new domain name I want, but do not have the funds at this time. Another domain that I felt would have made life easier was lost to me as someone acquired the domain before I could get it. Therefore, fsp.link is not mine. However, I have managed to acquire one of the domains I want, and another is in limbo which I am guessing my preferred registrar is not set up properly with that domain.

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Not much happened today. I did some work on my web sites, and watched a few videos. Not much else happened. The upstairs neighbor needed to ask a few questions which I didn’t mind to answer. Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely be home. As for the dogs, they didn’t get to walk, because of the rain. In other words, I had a very quiet and dull day, and will likely have one just as dull tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I had to run some errands which I decided to do that as early as possible – so I left at 7:20AM. I went to the 2 places that I needed to go to, and had a line at both of them. In turn, I had a 45 minute layover before my next bus (yes, I just missed the bus I had to take). In turn, I had something for breakfast before catching the 9:15AM bus.

Once I got home, I made a couple of phone calls, and addressed the reason in which I had to go to Downtown so early in the morning. Afterwards, the dogs got their walk, and fed. It would also seem as if the owner found a new tenant for the second floor apartment. This will be the fourth neighbor I had since I been here for two years.

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Not much happened today. I did a little work on one of my sites, but otherwise – things were quiet. It rained most of yesterday, but I managed to get them out for a short walk. Otherwise, not much else happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect Chris, but he hasn’t been reliable. Otherwise, I don’t have much planned for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and did a little bit of personal work. I also did a little bit of updating on another site, but didn’t get as much as I wanted accomplished. I made a couple of phone calls, and while I expected Chris, he never showed. He claims that he has the installment that he was supposed to have over the weekend, but needless to say, just not in the possession.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will have to walk the dogs, but can’t do much else otherwise. I will do some work on my web sites, and the evening will be much on videos since I am trying to keep the electric bill down.