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Not much happened today. I did try to pay my PO Box bill with a courtesy check, however that didn’t work. Therefore, my trip to the post office this afternoon was a waste of time and effort. When I got back, I had a nasty surprise which involved the dogs, and a bag of recycled trash. Thankfully, it was mostly paper, and plastics, but it took about an hour to clean it all up. In the meantime, both were required to lie still, and out of the way until I cleaned everything up. On some other news, I added to a few sites which I will hopefully post soon.

I also finally reached my brother without any real good news, and Andie throw a case of bad news as well, which is going to hurt me in the meantime. I sometimes wonder why I help out people. As for plans for tomorrow though, I will have to get a money order, pay my PO Box bill, and get a few essentials to hold over until all of my bills can be addressed. I am also strongly considering canceling Netflix as well. Most likely, I will put it on hold, and decide for sure later. I may also terminate my Television and Telephone but keep Internet. For some reason, Verizon will only allow that on a credit/debit card.


Not much happened today. I spent some of my time exchanging SMS messages, and tried to reach Chris as he was supposed to meet with me. However, much of my day has been working on a couple of different web sites. I will soon post all of them, but for now – everything is still being worked on, and I want to make sure I have everything in order as there were a couple of changes. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the post office and pay my postal bill. Thankfully my bank offers a 24 hour grace period for over-drafts, so that will mean I will have to come up with money for bus fare. This will be the tricky thing, especially on the day before I will get my benefits.


Not much happened today. I watched a few shows on Hulu, and did some writing on web sites. Once I finished, I will post it, but they are just big what if sites. None of this work will contain any blogs. I also watched a TV show on Animal Planet called Pit Bulls and Parolees. I had also wrote a blog posting, but otherwise – not much else going on. I did walk the dogs, and still having problems with Malak doing his business during the walk. As for plans for tomorrow, I am hoping to do more work on the sites, and will be staying home otherwise.

How the Internet can unify infrastructure

Second to financial resources, communications is the most important thing to a global economy. Without it, companies, and countries would have a very hard time in relaying information. So why is it that the world as a whole so backwards in communications? Think of it, with the exception of fiber optic, everything just about is based off of technologies older than I am. The telephone was invented just one year after the US Civil War. However, there are still switch boards making the calls – just these are automated and electronic. The TV, and Radio uses radio waves, and even with the DTV transition, this method is still used. And yes – satellite uses similar technology in a different perspective, and go to your cable distribution center, and you would find many very large satellites. All of these are using radio waves to send and receive information. And while the Internet is a relatively new technology in comparison, it has some old fashion design. 9 times out of 10, you have a Dynamic IP address which means your IP address may randomly change, making tracking SPAMmers, Scam artists, and illegal activists like distributors of child porn a bit harder.

So, what do I recommend for the resolution of this chaos? Well, each problem requires a solution that is different, and unique, but would all rely on the same backbone of technology. This technology would have to be flexible, and handle the demands. It would have to be upgradeable, and it would have to handle all of the demands. It has to be global, and transparent. We already have this, and that would be the Internet. We just need to expand on the protocols that would make better use of all of the resources. In this post, I would discuss my thoughts on the Infrastructure itself.

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