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May 2017

The first two weeks of the month were extremely busy. On the first, I took my prescription down to Rite-Aid to be filled. It would seem as if they wanted to “give company policy” to make me make a special trip the next day to get my prescription. I was considering seeing if there were alternatives, but it will seem as if the anesthesiologist will start submitting my morphine to the pharmacy electronically. I will expect I will still need to provide ID.

Seen my pain psychologist on Wednesday, and went to a community center for the food bank on Friday. These too were in the first week of the month. In addition, on Tuesday of the first week, I went to the pharmacy (again), followed by getting cleats on my shoes, and an appointment for an eye exam and new glasses. It would seem as if my eyes were a bit worse. To make matters worse, not only did I need Transition Lenses (when the lens gets darker in sunlight), but the eye doctor wanted me to have a no glare lens as well. I expected to have a $500 bill, and the bill came to $493. This meant I needed to use a credit card. I got the new glasses on May 12.
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Today was somewhat of an active day, but not much happened. I did get a 32GB micro-SD card for the tablet which now functions as a music player without having to rely on an Internet connection. However, to load the 3,000 or so songs took about 4 hours over wifi which was disappointing. Otherwise, not much else happened. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and cancelled my Netflix subscription. I did the cancellation for a couple of reasons. First, there wasn’t much on to watch that I hadn’t seen before, or interested in watching over again. Second, I am trying to cut back on my bills, and cost of living.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will consider running a couple of errands, and will have to make a phone call or two. Otherwise, not much else is planned. Likewise, the weekend will also be rather quiet.

Cell Phones are Smart, Home Phones are Dumb, Why?

It is becoming very clear that the cellular phone are moving from basic or “feature” phones to smart phones. And there is a good reason of why. Smart Phones can do so much more, and are very productive compared to the basic phone.

So, why are the home phones still in a dumb mode. You have some that can pair with your smart phone via Bluetooth for contacts integration, but seriously – the home phone in reality is dumb. Archos promised the Archos Smart Home Phone, and visiting the US website, you can view it. And while this home phone is outdated, it was a step forward. But unless you are willing to spend as much if not more than a cellular device, don’t expect yourself to have a smart home phone in the home anytime soon. And this is bad.

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Today was a bit busier than most Saturdays – at least in the evening. The person whose PC I worked on had a couple of issues that needed to be addressed with his home network, and guest PC. His router was giving problems which I recommended that he may wish to consider a new router. As for his guest PC, it needed about 1GB of old compressed files to be removed, OS updates, Anti-Virus updates, and some other management issues. This took a little longer than expected. I made it there at 7PM, and finished at 10:30PM

When I returned home, I took the dogs out for their business, and bathed before heading for bed. As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs, and will have to do laundry as well. Some of the money earned today will be for laundry tomorrow.I will also have to make a phone call, and will do some work on my web sites.

Republic Wireless Success, and How So?

Late 2011, a new wireless service rolled out for the consumer masses in BETA called Republic Wireless. They are a VMNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator) utilizing Sprint’s Network. Therefore, the phone (not phones) available is originally a Sprint Phone. So, what makes them different? Well, the monthly service is what makes them different. They are charging $20 per month for unlimited wifi based service and currently unlimited cellular service – although I don’t see that lasting. So, what do I think they need to do to be successful?

This is where this blog posting comes in. Keep in mind, they are trying to cater to a niche market. If you spend most of your time in a wifi network whether home or at work – this might be the right service for you. If you are always in a cellular network, this is not the right service for you. They also don’t support the US Short Codes, nor international calling. And right now, there are a couple of bugs in regards to Google Voice. So, here is what I think they need to do

  1. Better Phones
  2. Real Google Voice partnership
  3. Better adjustments of cellular service, and better marketing

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Republic Wireless–Good Concept, not so Good Implementation

Republic Wireless opened for business today, and they have an interesting idea. Unlimited service – $20 per month. However, this is with condition. First, the service will use the internet to make calls when possible. This will require the phone’s wifi antenna to be active, and while it would use cellular service when no wifi is available – the cellular part is not unlimited. There is no set minutes as the idea is to jump on cellular as a backup, but rely mostly on wifi.

This is good for many people, but not for everyone. If you are home or in a place with a wireless network, you are going to benefit from the concept. If you are on the road a lot, or your home/work does not have wifi, this is not so good. Assuming average broadband being $50 per month, one would not implement this if they won’t normally use broadband services.The phone’s programming automatically sets it to call with a wifi network anytime it connects. This is how UMA works, and in my opinion, all smart phones should be doing this.

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Today was a bit of a quiet day. Talisa been pulling a bit more and a bit excited (more than usual). I am hoping this is her end phase of heat. I made a couple of phone calls, and one of them was to Verizon, but after 10 minutes of being on hold, there was an automated message informing me that they were updating their systems, and I will need to call back. In the mean time, I am setting calls from most of my contacts to ring the cell phone, and the wifi phone that connects with GTalk for calls.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will try to call Verizon again after the morning walk, and there is a TV show I will be interested in seeing later in the evening. I am also expecting a DVD to come from Netflix. Otherwise, not much is planned for the day or the weekend.

T-Mobile G2X–Full Review

So, while washing my clothes at the local laundry mat, and no premise internet service, I have little to worry considering that I am able to connect to the Internet while I am far from home. In the meantime, I am able to keep my phone in my pocket, while listening to a music collection so I am not bored. This is all done by one device, and in the event that I should get a phone call at 7AM, this same device will take the phone call as well. This is a mostly good review of the T-Mobile G2X (aka LG Optimus 2), all after having the phone for about 4 days. The T-Mobile G2X at writing is $250 + $50 mail in rebate with a 2 year contract, or $500 without a contract. On a contract, you would be required to have a data plan. Also contract plans are more expensive than non-contract plans. You can not get the non-contract plan online, and should consider going to a store for that service.

Now, it is not all roses, there are some complaints I have about the phone, but I am sure you would see all of the this while reading the review. To give an idea of what you would look forward to if you decide to get this device, you would get the phone which has a 4” screen, a USB cable, and an adapter that plugs in the cable. The cable therefore is used as a charging cable, and a sync cable. Most smart phones are using this method to save on costs.You would of course get the battery, and a T-Mobile “4G” card. If you have an older card, you would need to use this card which of course is no extra cost.


The phone is one of the few phones with a dual core 1Ghz CPU. It is also the only one on T-Mobile (2011-05-04). The Samsung Galaxy S-2 is expected to come to the US, and therefore eventually to T-Mobile, but as of now, this is it if you want dual core. And while a single core CPU may work just fine for now, if you are like me and want to keep the phone as long as possible, than a dual core would be preferred. The phone has 1GB of memory, and 8GB of in device storage, although some of the capacity is used for the Android 2.2 OS, and apps. It supports up to 32GB micro SD card which can also be used to install apps, and media. The phone also supports wifi-BGN, and HSPA+ which T-Mobile toots their horn as 4G, but still uses the 3G infrastructure and design – so not really 4G. The phone also has Gorilla Glass which is supposed to reduced the chance of scratches, and other mishaps. However, you still should not abuse the phone.



The calls are typically pretty good. The calls are clear even in my area which I seen me drop to as low as 2G connections in some cases. Keep in mind that calls with me are routed through Google Voice as well, but if anything since there are multiple points, you would figure for lower quality. There were a couple of times that I couldn’t complete a call, but this is again assumed to be the connection issues related with the area rather than the phone.


In the instances I get HSPA+, I get superior connection, and data even to the point of almost always beating out my Clear Internet connection which is far from impressive. A speed test in a worst case scenario has been 114ms/2.5M/.95M. In a best case scenario, I seen 70ms/4.5M/1.25M. And with the phone supporting as a wireless router/modem, I am actually composing this posting, and will probably submit it through the phone all without having to physically connect. If one was to do this though, be sure to change the SSID, and set a passphrase. You would also want to turn this feature off when not using it as you don’t want to be a moving hotspot, nor drain your battery.


This is my biggest gripe. The battery is not the best, and I have seen a 1% drop from full about every 6 minutes with average. This could mean that the phone can be depleted in about 10 hours. This time could be reduced if you are doing a lot of activity (such as connecting your PC to send a blog, and email while listening to music). I am guessing this is mostly due to the dual core CPU, however if you demand a phone to go through the day, you would find this to need some adjustments. I personally bought a $15 battery pack which could charge the phone by plugging in a micro USB port and using 2 AA batteries. This of course means that something is sticking out of your phone, so you would want to adjust accordingly. The back cover opens from the bottom and every time I took the back off, I felt I was going to break it.


T-Mobile has done something rather bad in this area. The email client for all email other than Gmail has a promotional signature that is appended to every email you send. You can’t seem to change it, nor even disable it. This is a no no on a $500 phone. Yes, I know you want to advertise that you are America’s largest fake 4G network (HSPA+ is still 3G), but do it on your own email services, and not use the ones that your customers may need for business. This is just bad customer relations. Thankfully, you can get rid of that by using K9 Email.


Video while I hadn’t used it to its full potential is superb. Nova which is a game would play a high end introduction, and that alone can vouch for the video processing. And yes, you can fling birds at pigs, but this is nothing for the phone. There is T-Mobile TV which I hadn’t started since I can’t afford it, but it also supports DivX with a registration. And the 4” screen is larger then my iPod Touch (gen 3) which is most likely going to replace it for anytime I may go out. Keep in mind because of DRM, with the iTunes store, if you have video – you won’t be able to use it on the phone.

Music is very good and clear (as long as you got good ear phones). Don’t expect an iTunes/iPod like experience. You might be able to get WinAmp to sync with your music, although hadn’t tried it. If you are still using an iOS device (such as my iPod Touch for the home), then you would want iSyncr which is available for USB, and Wifi. Both apps are $5.00 total, and the Wifi edition is good for the smaller modifications. I would personally recommend to put the music on the SD card.

The phone has two cameras. One is a back face (normal side for cameras) 8MP camera with an LED flash. This will be able to do a minimum of 720p. There is a front face camera which is good for self portraits, and video chatting. QIK is available and installed for this feature. And for those with a newer TV, there is an HDMI port so you could torture your family with your home made videos on the bigger screen. The phone also has built in DLNA support. With DLNA support, you can play music or videos from DLNA servers which can include PCs. Don’t expect remote control capabilities as you would find on the Galaxy S-2. One serious issue that I noticed, is as of the writing of this email, Barcode Scanner does not work with the cameras. It is a shame as this is a powerful tool, and worked just fine on my 528Mhz phone I had before hand.

Operating System/Operations

As with computers, smart phones have operating systems. In reality all cellular phones have one, but smart phones have a more universal design. In the case of this phone, it is Android 2.2.2 which however, it would have made more sense to have 2.3. T-Mobile seems to promise “soon”, but the last time I heard soon, it was 6 months. This is stock Android which means there are no custom skins, or layouts, therefore should be easy to update.

The top of the phone has a head phone jack (no headphones included). Make sure you get headphones with a microphone so it could be used as hands-free. The mini HDMI port support HDMI 1.2 which should handle most of the requirements. The power button would be press to blank the screen, or hold to initiate power off. The right side includes two buttons for volume control. The bottom has a microphone, speaker, and micro-USB port for charging and synchronizing. You would also remove the back cover from this point, although easier said than done. There is nothing on the left side. The rear has a camera and flash. The front has a proximity sensor, front side camera, 4” capacitive screen, capacitive menu, home, back, and search. There is no indicator light.

What’s missing

As I noted, this phone is not perfect. Considering that AT&T might take over T-Mobile, they should have all of the US bands in here. Even if that wasn’t the case, the bands should have still been installed on $500+ phones. There is no spare battery, and when you have only 10 hours at best in battery life, this becomes something that should be. Even with that in mind, T-Mobile should be selling docking stations that would charge the phone and battery.No headphones, and forget the teeny bopper Skull Candy crap. And no micro SD card. Last, there should have been 2.3 installed on the phone, and there should have been NFC.

I have received no compensation for the review of this device from LG, nor T-Mobile. The purchase was made in full with an in house credit line available to qualified customers with a total of cost to walk out is 5% + tax on 100%. There is an activation fee for new customers, or adding a line, but there is no upgrade fee. Mail-in rebates are not available for full purchase price acquisition.


So, you will be conquered by AT&T, now what?

First, let’s get one thing noted. I am biased towards this instance. I personally feel this will be one of the worst things that will happen, and to make matters worst, I don’t think there is any stopping this. Next, I am not an insider. I don’t know any of the back door agreements, and for the most part will be as much in the dark as any other common person. Last, I am not an analyst. To be exact, I am disabled, and live offer of an amount that is below the poverty rate. I am telling this so no one panics and takes my predictions as law, and written in stone. However, on a more personal note, I have a nasty habit of being right a lot of times, and I personally wish I was wrong more often. Just because I say something that is right, doesn’t always means it is beneficial for everyone.

So, with all of this aside, and me trying to keep my animosity towards AT&T in check, I will try to rely on just facts. On March 20, 2011 – AT&T made it known they were buying T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion in cash and stock from Deutsche Telekom. This only affects the T-Mobile company in the United States. Any European Entity of T-Mobile are not affected just as Virgin Mobile in Europe weren’t affected when Sprint bought Virgin Mobile USA. The reason this sale didn’t go through immediately is that it has to be approved by regulatory such as the Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission. They normally do not have to get involved with every transaction that takes place, but such a purchase will do a few things.

  1. Allow a company  to have public spectrum that was not normally negotiated to them on a national scale.
  2. Reduce the number of national carriers that are in the United States
  3. Make sure that AT&T will not have monopolistic power over the Cellular Industry within the US
  4. Make sure that the purchase was legal according to the laws in the United States.

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4 Months with the iPod Touch

No, this is not the newest and latest one. And yes, I knew there was one coming. However, when you need that music fix, and you don’t feel like killing the battery on the Android 1.6 phone, you get an MP3 player.

I had chosen this one because my options was limited. For my needs, this one was the best there was. So, do I regret the purchase, and exactly what am I doing with it? Well, in a short answer, I don’t regret it as much as I thought I would, and it serves for more than just playing music.

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