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May 2015

Not much happened this month. I had an appointment with my anesthesiologist, and since finding a doctor of his recommendations on my own has been unsuccessful, I had ask for his referral. In turn, he is referring me to the the previous office that I had dealt with that I wasn’t in approval of that anesthesiologist. Thankfully, this will not be the reason I will go. I have an appointment in the first week of June, but personally not sure what talking about my pain will do – but I trust my doctor (or I wouldn’t be with him), so I am going to give this a neutral attempt.

Nothing else happened. I bought Xavier (my youngest nephew) a tablet, which was a 2 for 1 special. I kept the second one which in my opinion has been less than suitable. I will be writing a review on it later in June. Otherwise, not much else happened in May.


A bit has happened today. I was expecting to watch Xavier, and get the money from Andrea for her phone. However, it ended up to where I went there. She also couldn’t give me cash, and ended up signing a check over to me. This meant that I eventually had to deposit it in the bank, and will have to wait for it to clear.

Once I got home, I was in a bit of pain. I didn’t do much beyond just the basics. The dogs had a late evening meal, but that was OK as they were able to rest afterwards. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will most likely be home for the weekend.


Today was a somewhat busy day. Andie asked me to watch Xavier which is fine. He spent about 5 hours here with me. For 4 of those 5 hours, there were children shows on. The last hour, two TV shows were being recorded, and the set top box only supports two simultaneous channels.

I spent some time in the evening watching some recorded shows. In addition, Chris spent some time in the evening, and paid some of the money he owed from last month. This money will actually go to pay a past due bill. This should hopefully catch me up almost completely for next month.

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Not much planned today. I do wish that there was Sunday bus service, however that is not the case. Xavier never came, so I didn’t need to watch my nephew again. I did more work on my site which seems to be more detailed than I expected, however – isn’t that every site?

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go the Downtown. I will only need to be there for 10 minutes, but with the bus running once an hour, it will take me 90 minutes (15 minutes each trip + 60 minutes wait). I am hoping that Malak will remain calm at least for the time I am out. I will have more work to do when I return.


Today, not much happened. Andie asked me to watch Xavier which I didn’t mind. He enjoyed his time with the dogs, and Spongebob Squarepants was on all afternoon. I swear, someone had to have been on acid when they created that show. Nonetheless, it was left on as an option for him. He was a little demanding on a couple of things which a stern NO! helped set him straight. Andie finally got the dog food for when I watched Nippers, but not exactly as I expected. They purchased an 18lb of Purina Pro Plan which is about $32 for the bag. Considering I will not be able to keep them on that diet (as that is about a 1.5 weeks and eventually only 1 week), I had mixed it with their current food so it could be used without them expecting for it. When they become adults, that will be about $125 per month for their food which is about what I spend on myself.

They of course had their walks which they appreciated. Malak still defecates on the walk which I don’t appreciate, but am prepared for it. Talisa still pulls which I am trying to correct to where she understands. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will be home all day especially since I have very little if any for any bus fare. I will have to make a couple of phone calls, and will do that sometime after their morning walk. Otherwise, I will work on the wish list, and watch a couple of videos from the podcasts, and Hulu.


Not much happened today. I watched a little television, and took the dogs out in the morning, however the evening was another story considering that it was raining pretty badly most of the day. Things for the most part have been very quiet. Andie did come by for a few moments, but forgot to bring the dog food. However, Gage (the oldest nephew) got to meet Malak finally. Andie also told me that Xavier told Santa Claus that he wanted toys, Malak, and Talisa for Christmas.

As for plans for tomorrow, I am expecting a DVD from Netflix, and will be home much of the day otherwise. If I am up to it, I might take the dogs for a long walk, but not sure. I am also expecting Chris to stop by tomorrow, but that may or may not happen.


Today, not much has happened. I expected to have done more, but it didn’t happen. First, I was expecting to watch Xavier, but after about 10AM, I found out, that wasn’t needed. I also wanted to go to the post office, but it was getting too late before I found I could go. I also wanted to go to grocery shopping, but neither of the two people that were options came. The two dogs’ wounds are healing well. Talisa’s wound is healing superbly. Malak still has a wound, but it seem to be doing good too. Chris stopped over for about an hour, but couldn’t take me to the store.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs early, and will plan on going to the post office. The idea is to go to the post office, and finish what needs to be done, and hopefully get on the next bus. Therefore, if I can get on the 8AM bus, I am hoping to get home 9:30. I will like to go to the grocery store, but I will need someone to take me since it will be very hard to do shopping otherwise.


Today wasn’t that great of a day. I am always happy to have my nephews or niece over, and Xavier came to my place for a part of the day. He watched kids shows most of the day and took a two hour nap. He had fun with the dogs, but was uncomfortable with how they play. Of course when he took a nap, I forbade them from playing. Talisa being very high energy had a hard time of listening to that, but that is nothing new. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the post office and hopefully will be able to give the dogs a good walk. I am still breaking in my shoes, and it was raining almost all day today.


Today was a bit of an excited day. Xavier came for a whole day. He enjoyed the dogs, and watched toddler’s shows all day. He did get knocked down a couple of times, and hurt a little, but nothing he didn’t forgive later. I met Andie halfway in Downtown which he picked up the now very tired dog. In addition, Nicole wanted to see Malak, so I made the arrangements of course during the walk. Needless to say – Talisa sought the attention as well.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will watch a Netflix disc, and I will have to do my laundry as well. I will also need to call Chris and remind him of the appointment for Talisa tomorrow for her vaccinations. I am hoping that while they are doing her vaccinations, I will see I will have to do to get her tested for heartworm. I will also have to make a similar appointment for Malak.


Today, a big blog posting was made. Much of my time was devoted to that. In addition, I had to go to the post office, and the City County Building. The Post office of course because I was in the area, and in addition, to mail the money order off for the rent and pet fee. After that, I went to the City County Building to get a dog license for Malak. Now both dogs have licenses, ID tags, leashes, and a safe and secured home. Now, I just need to get them vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and micro-chipped. By then, I will have to pay for their license again since the license is only good until December, no matter when you get it. However, since both will be fixed, it will be $14 for both rather than $12 each.

The blog posting is how I raise the two dogs. I am sure some people will say I am too strict, but I will prefer to think of myself as stern. At least in the US, there is a stupidity that dogs are humans, little dogs are never dangerous, and dogs that were bred to be companion dogs are natural predatorily killers. Newsflash people. Dogs are stripped down versions of wolves. Little dogs get away with so much, and therefore can  be more dangerous than bigger dogs that get away with much less, and dogs initially bred as companions (Pit Bulls and Dobermans) are not more of a killer than any other dog. Nonetheless, that is for another post if I put one up. The blog posting can of course be good advise for anyone who wants to raise powerful dogs.

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