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Dropping Yahoo

As of October 1, 2014 – I will be ceasing operations with Yahoo. For those of the most concern, this will mean that I will no longer be using Yahoo Messenger. There are a number of reasons, but to keep things simple, Yahoo is no longer relevant in my life. The only product or service I have put to some valid use with Yahoo is Yahoo Messenger. And with the fact that I can not seem to get my initials with Yahoo, it is not even a matter of keeping the identity for the sake of unified identification. Continue reading Dropping Yahoo


Today was a busy day. I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s place where I collected some of the money she owed, and a little of what Chris owed for their bill. It would seem to now be more trouble than good, so if they keep it up, I will have to start canceling lines. While I went there, I brought a 20lb bag of dog food for Nippers, and an 8GB micro-SD card for Alexis.

I then left to go to Downtown which I had to do some copies. I will finish with the copy work tomorrow. Chris picked me up to bring me home which he spent a couple of hours here before leaving. I finished the day catching up on some podcasts – mostly related with Apple.

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Today wasn’t much of a day. I didn’t do much of anything, except go to the local store for iced tea. My options in getting the security deposit for the apartment is about as limited. I will make a call or two on Tuesday, but have little confidence if any. On a good note, the money orders I have acquired doesn’t have any name written on them, so if everything fails – I will cash the money orders with just a loss of $2.10 for the money order fees.

I spent some time watching a movie, and SNL. The move was called Felon which was pretty good. I also chatted with a good friend in Chicago, but otherwise – my day was of little value. Continue reading 2011-01-16

November 6

Today was a mixed day. I had a chat with a new friend, which is enjoyable even if haphazard. However, I did have some disappointments today. I had another number of a person that owns apartments, and gave her a call. There was only 2 Bedrooms available, which I think could have been left in a voice mail while playing telephone tag. In addition, I tried to post a want ad with Craigslist, and they won’t accept the telephone number I give to everyone. The reason is likely that it is a Google Voice number which I personally find that as insulting.

I did get the movie Wolfman which I watched, and return back to the post office for it to get back to Netflix tomorrow. I also picked up a couple of cans of soup for dinner, and called Chris. In addition, I been working on replacing the home section of my Wealth (Fantasy) blog site. The home section will get a dedicated site from this point on, and will take some time to create, but in turn – will hopefully be more stable.

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December 5

Not much went on today. I chatted with a couple of people via Yahoo Messenger, and done a couple of emails. I also been working on the site with some mistakes which I am correcting before I continue on. A light layer of snow came in, and the wind blew it away only to have another light layer come in again.

Didn’t do much else, and the main activity was work on the site, and listening to music. Yes, this is my relatively dull life. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be having to make a telephone call, and do a couple of things while waiting for Andie to call. I will also expect an episode of the Walking Dead to come in which I am sure I will watch.

December 4

Today was much like any other day. I did have to go to the store to buy some eggs, bread, and iced tea to hold over until my food benefits come in sometime in the coming week. I also spent some time watching shows on Hulu, and chatted with a friend on Yahoo Messenger. However, for the most part, things have been quiet.

I did some work on the a revision of a web site I have, but hadn’t published anything just yet. I will also be doing something else for the coming week. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be doing nothing really. I will be staying home, might do some work on my apartment, and get a little bit of laundry finished.

November 21

Today could have been a better day. I was chatting with someone, and I am guessing Yahoo dropped me. I also went to the main street to make some copies, get some bread, and a Sunday newspaper. The newspaper was a waste of money. The apartment listings was terrible, and none worth calling.

I think I have been coming down with the flu. My nose draining like a faucet, severe dry cough, massive headache. Yes, it’s bad. I hadn’t felt like doing much of anything today, and just using the computer was a bit painful.

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October 29

Today was a bit of a normal day. Chris stopped by to make a couple of changes in his resume. He had some mistakes I noticed while converting his resume into a web page, and PDF file. He also spent a little more time here, and eventually went home. Afterwards, I watched the last episode of Dexter (s4:d4), and returned the disc. When I went to the post office, the MP3 players I got for my niece and nephew came in, so I will be making sure they get it soon.

I also did a charity for a local non-profit organization (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh). This was providing them with a .tel address, and setting up the pages as I felt would benefit them. It is of course for now, in an unofficial capacity, but it will nonetheless benefit them. For those that use the local library might find http://clpgh.tel useful.

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October 28

Today was an eventful day. First, I had a problem with my Yahoo connection when I was chatting with a friend of mine. I know that is was Yahoo this time as all of my other Internet services worked. I also done a little adjustments with one of my sites. I figured since I could essentially use a .tel domain to get directions without having to enter the address manually, I am using one of them to act as a directory for everyone I associate with. While this is open to the public, I will most likely use it to get the contact information while out.

Chris stopped by in the afternoon and asked me to help with getting his resume written. I helped him with the basics, and let him enter the details. There were a few mistakes, but I believe they have been taken care of. I might go there later tomorrow to give him the resume that has been modified and some contact cards. I also adjusted his contact directory page that will reflect the new connections on the Internet. Of course, being my brother – his contact address is http://chris.pilone.tel/

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June 10

Today was much like any other day. No Netflix movie means that my music player was running most of the day. There were some times that I watched some podcasts. I also worked on my blog sites, and added some posts, and a couple of common sense thoughts that seems to elude the people that matters. I also had an IM from someone that never seems to be on asking where I am. If I recalled, it is them that is never on Yahoo Messenger.

Chris stopped by late last night. We stayed up for a couple of hours, and he spent the night. And so as writing this post, I am staying quiet. He is one of those people that would ask to be woke up a certain time, and then ask to be awaken in 30 minutes, and then 30 minutes after that. However, he seems to neglect to notice he does that.

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