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Dropping Yahoo

As of October 1, 2014 – I will be ceasing operations with Yahoo. For those of the most concern, this will mean that I will no longer be using Yahoo Messenger. There are a number of reasons, but to keep things simple, Yahoo is no longer relevant in my life. The only product or service I have put to some valid use with Yahoo is Yahoo Messenger. And with the fact that I can not seem to get my initials with Yahoo, it is not even a matter of keeping the identity for the sake of unified identification. Continue reading Dropping Yahoo


Today was a bit of a busy day. I first had to go to the post office. While there, I needed to exchange the $300 worth of money orders, and add another $245 to make a money order for the security deposit. On my way to the post office, I slipped on ice a couple of times which wasn’t a good thing. I luckily didn’t fall, but in turn – I turned off the cellular phone to concentrate fully on getting down and up the hill.

When I got back, I chatted with a friend in the Philippines, and later a friend in Chicago. I also received a call from the proposed landlord on getting the documentation he would need to fill out. He came by later in the day, and hopefully will bring everything back tomorrow so I can make sure it gets to where it would have to go to. In addition, it would be good if I can get a lease to sign, and that way – I could give him this deposit, and prepare to move to the new apartment. Continue reading 2011-01-18

November 10

Today was a very quiet day. Still woke up a bit too early for my taste. However, I tried to make the best of it. When I woke, I took my bath, and started the PC to catch up on some podcasts. I then wrote my post for the day, and started to prepare to work on another post.

There was nothing in the email, and the day was a bit quiet. I made some additional calls in my hunt for a new place, and had to make another call to another person. I then updated my media players, watched a couple of shows on Hulu.

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August 8

Today was a quiet day. Chris stopped by for a little while. I made something to eat afterwards, and decided to see if I could answer some questions on Yahoo Answers. Some of these questions are rather basic, and I am thinking most of these people just don’t know how to find the answers themselves. There was one question that actually warranted a blog posting on my other site, so hopefully that will be of help.

I wasn’t online much though. I had been in some pain which forced me to be off of my feet. I did tend to some email, and watch some podcasts. I also checked the shipment on the phone that I am supposed to get in replacement. It is due tomorrow.

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Yahoo Mail Users – Email is easier

For those that communicate with me would find that I have very strange email addresses, and sometimes, it maybe hard for someone to remember. However, at least for Yahoo Mail users, it is now a bit simpler. If I am writing to your Yahoo Mail mail (yahoo.com, or ymail.com), then your email address would simply be your ID @ fspymail.com. I do have a few of such people, and they would see this change when I write them again. This is intended to make it simpler for those that write me, and may even allow me to have a simpler system in the future.