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Benefits of Google

I had a conversation with someone earlier today (2017-05-03), and she mentioned that she never used Google. She mentioned that she used Yahoo. First thing that came to mind is that we must be back in 1999. Now, I used to used Yahoo until they became incompetent, and there are still those few people that will swear by it. I however feel it might be worth mentioning the real world benefits of Google.

Now, I am not a fanboy, and I do understand that Google is first and foremost an advertising company. They provide “free” services to generate anonymized user data to rent to companies. But in turn so does Yahoo, and Bing. Google is just more successful. Continue reading Benefits of Google


Not much happened today. I watched a few videos including some of Hulu, and Youtube. I also made a phone call to get a new prescription sent to me for my pain medicine. I also sent a message, but otherwise not much happened today. I did a couple of changes on one of my sites. However, not much else. As for plans for tomorrow, and the weekend – I have no real plans. The dogs will be walked obviously, and I will also give them a brushing.

How Google Can Do Better

I will be one of those that will admit that Google is integrated a great deal in my life. I use many of Google’s Services, and don’t see myself leaving at all. Yes, I know – Google gets to target ads at me, but let’s face it, everything has a price to it, and at least Google is honest about it.

However, Google could do better. By being such an active user with many of Google’s Services, I can probably point out some of the flaws, and how to solve them. I will go down the line in the various services in alphabetical order.

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Not much happened today. I took the dogs for a walk in the afternoon, and watched a couple of videos on both Hulu, and YouTube. However, for the most part, today was a relatively lazy day. On a more significant note, it would seem as if it would be in my best interest to cancel Netfix. They seem to lack anything worthwhile for streaming, and 11 of 12 discs for delivery is not available during this billing period.

I did get the NFC tags which will be helpful. I am hoping to be able to do some significant possibilities with them although I was hoping the NFC standard would have been more than 140 characters which isn’t much. Most of anything special will probably have to be done with Tasker, or offer for Navigation options (such as doctor offices). I am thinking of adding an NFC tag on the front door to allow a person to tap it, and reach my .TEL address. I don’t expect this to be used much, but it is worth considering.

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Not much happened today as it was a Sunday, and I had no visitors. Sometimes Chris will come down, but not this weekend. I watched a couple of videos on You Tube, especially since I had nothing on Hulu.

I did a little work on my one site that I have been doing, but not as much as I wanted too. I did set aside some time to play with Malak, and Talisa – as well as took them for a walk. As for plans for tomorrow, I would have liked to get more dog food – although I don’t need it. However, I am low on bus fare, so I have to make the most of every trip. I will also need to make a phone call in the morning. Not much else is planned though.