Tele Fingers – OK, but not perfect.

About a week ago, I received a pair of Tele Finger gloves after paying $20, and waiting for a week for them. For those that may not know what they are, they ideally allow you to wear the gloves to keep your hands warm, while allowing you to use a capacitive touch screen such as what are on most said phones.

And while I hadn’t used them daily in real world applications, the benefits, and disadvantages are definitely apparent. First, let me discuss what the touch screen types are, and how they relate. Capacitive touch screens are on most new phones. Almost all Android OS phones have them. The iPhones have, and even a few Windows Mobile have them. The design of the phone allows for multi-touch, and therefore interface has to just be built into the OS, but obviously everyone is worried about hurting Apple’s feelings. Capacitive screens however requires an electrical current that your fingers generate to be recognized. This allows for it to recognize exactly where the fingers are, and therefore more accurate.

The other major type is resistive which is found on many older tablet PCs, many older touch screen phones, and more recently – the RIM 93×0, and 95×0 series which is better known as the storm. They don’t require a current, and therefore can be used theoretically with a stylus, although not sure if RIM’s phones would accept one.

Now, tele fingers solve the problem of having to remove your gloves to use your phone. If you are like me, and your phone is mostly touch screen, you need to use the screen to send a message, or even dial a phone number. Since I have a pattern lock, I need to use the screen to do anything other than answer or deny a call. So how well do they work?

Well, they are OK, but not perfect. The concept, and idea works. And the gloves even have rubberized bumps on the palm and majority of the finger’s to offer a superb grip which is good considering they are gloves. However, I noticed that I had press much harder to use the phone, which reminds me of the resistive touch screen, and sometimes the swipes, or presses on the icons weren’t recognized.

So, was it worth the $20. Well during the blizzard’s when temperature was frigid, and you really should have something on – maybe. The gloves forces you to press harder, and not really designed for the heavy winters. I could probably wear these things indoors which I have to try to get used to them.

In my opinion, the technology needs to improve a bit. Also, the gloves need to be thicker, and there needs to be more appropriate sizes. The Large just fits my hands, so someone with larger hands  than I am would find these hard to associate with. They work, but don’t see how they’re truly worth more than $20 including tax, and S&H. I think the tax was just a means to get a little more money since the shipping was not in Pennsylvania. At least the postage was fair.

Tele-fingers didn’t provide any sample, or gifted the owner of the blog in any way. The acquisition of the product was purchased by the owner. No compensation was made for this entry.

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