The Pain of 4.5

OK, those who know me knows of my desire for 4.5 for the Blackberry devices. Let’s face it, You Tube videos, better UMA, and SDHC support. Well, yesterday – T-Mobile finally offered it for their customers, and with my desire for the UMA, and SDHC support, I jumped on it.

Well, it was a trying experience. First, I backed up my data on my phone so it would be reinstalled on the upgrade. Well, somewhere during the end of the process, I had an App Error 523. This was disturbing as it would never boot and therefore, I could not use my phone.

As disturbing as this was, I rushed over to my T-Mobile store and tried to see if they could resolve it. They wasn’t able to do it there, and  since I failed to bring my AC adapter for my PC, I couldn’t continue part way. It mattered very little since it still was not recognizing the phone. I had to get a loaner phone which was a Nokia flip phone and very much like a toy in comparison to the 8320. Worse yet, it didn’t support UMA.

Once I got home, I rushed in calling support at T-Mobile. They couldn’t solve my problem, so therefore – they contacted RIM, and transferred me to RIM support. Well, my initial upgrade started at 4PM, and I finished at 10:30PM. I also lost all of my settings, and data from before the upgrade, but thankfully – I had most of the information in Outlook. It was the settings, and customization with the phone that I now lost the most.

On a brighter side, 4.5 is much better than 4.2. So far, now UMA drop that I noticed, and it recognizes my 8GB microSD card. It also allows me to watch You Tube videos, although I may not use that much. It does have a much better browser where there is an actual mouse making it much easier to navigate web pages. I would be looking at other features, but for now, just thankful that my phone works again.

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