Unlimited at a Cost

Yesterday as mentioned in a previous blog posting, I had acquired a new phone for my brother. It is from a carrier called Cricket Communications which has plans from $30 – $60, although any plan under $45 is simply not worth it. I personally dealt with them, and didn’t like the quality of service, but my brother is OK with it. One of the advantages (the very few) that Cricket offers is unlimited calling at even the $30 plan. In my brother’s case, he got unlimited calling, directory assistance, and text messaging.

The phone itself is junk though. The cheapest phone was about $75 – $80 and lacks features that most people would  take for granted such as Bluetooth, camera, and a web browser or even IM. The phone is the lowest quality, and probably similar models won’t be found on even the free models. The phone wouldn’t have even been worth it if it didn’t come with a free month. Of course, what would one expect from a phone called EZ. (probably pronounced EE-ZEE)

Thankfully, my brother isn’t much for the use of the web, so there would be little he would miss. It’s lack of Bluetooth or MMS would be an annoyance, but the service features would make up for it.

Again, where Cricket would shine would be the unlimited features. This would make his life easier, although at a small cost. In the end, this would be his best solution for now. Keep in mind that even despite the great payment history with T-Mobile, I have to wait until March to get another line.

Now, Cricket maybe a worthy option for some people. Teenagers may benefit from this. Also people on very tight budgets, and can not get a quality carrier. Keep in mind you would pay a premium for a phone though. At least in Pittsburgh, Cricket has been more stereotyped to people who can not keep up with the commitment of a contract, or unable to manage their bills well.

So, if you are planning on getting this, try to spend as much as you can on the phone. Also nothing less than the $45 plan. $30 – $40 plans offer no voicemail, call waiting, or 3 way calling. Cricket does offer unlimited directory assistance on their $50 plans which is something unique to them.

Personally, I would prefer to use T-Mobile. While the unlimited plan is $100, each additional line is $45 which now compares to Cricket. You also get a wider coverage, better phone reception, and better service. I noticed as for the phone I received for my brother, the signal strength could be much better (only 2 out of 5).  In my case, with UMA, I always have perfect reception in my home, or even my brother’s.

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