Week 10 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I had to get dog food before my appointment. I had my appointment on Wednesday, but didn’t have enough for both dogs for when Monday came. Therefore, I left at 7:25AM to get the 7:30AM bus to get me to the grocery store. It is actually nice to get to the store this early. While I got dog food, I also picked up some food to hold over until mid next week. Wednesday, I went to the dentist which I just needed some fillings. In addition, I tried to get a different type of dentures approved which didn’t happen.

I also ordered what I thought to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. In addition to the keyboard, I ordered a 6” micro-USB cable, and a case that was supposed to function as a stand for my Sero 7. The keyboard was for the Nexus 7 so I could give it a bigger role. However, the keyboard failed to be a Bluetooth Keyboard. After contacting Amazon with this issue, I received an RMA. I did informed them that this was one of the results I received when I searched for Bluetooth Keyboard. However, I had to print out a UPS label which meant I needed to go to Downtown to print the label (since I have no printer), and since the keyboard will not fit in a drop box, I went to Manchester to drop off at the UPS customer service station. Taking a 13 there, I had to walk a bit – and to return, I was able to take the 18 which I then transferred to the LRT line at Allegheny Station. I had to wait, so I decided to get lunch. Considering I have only a little bit of food, this was just a pain on the wallet so to say.

On some other news, I had received a Capital One Quicksilver card. It has just a $500 limit, and I am sure that with my always paying more than the minimum balance, and always on time – I will get my credit increase in about 6 years. I will use it just enough to keep the card active until I address my other credit card. At which time, I will eventually move all of my bills to my Quicksilver card. I will earn 1.5% cash back, and with about $350 in bills, that will be a whopping $4.75 per month. This will not make up for the 24% APR though, so as I did with my last card when it was just $500, it was used to consolidate my bills and protect my account from a chance of overdraws.

Chris stopped by on Saturday, and spent the night over. Otherwise, this has been a relatively quiet week. I had the benefit of walking the dogs a number of times this week. As for plans for next week, I will have to call my dentist for an appointment. I will also have to go to see my anesthesiologist, and I will have grocery shopping. Thankfully I don’t have to address the dog food as I have my estimated amount I will need for the week. No other major plans for the week.

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