Week 13 – 2014

This week is a pretty quiet week considering it is the end of the month. The first few days were busy. On Sunday, I went to help my brother, and his girlfriend with something. Since there were no buses, I had to walk down the hill, and when returning home, I used Spring Garden Avenue to Lager which was a little bit easier (although longer) than traversing Troy Hill Road. On Monday, I went to the grocery store to get some things I needed. However, I didn’t get everything I needed which was a little disappointing, but I will make due. In addition, I bought a bag of dog food. While I am not low on their food, it is still good to make sure I have a spare bag. Although, I did get shampoo which I was low on. I also got my prescription filled, but didn’t make it to the bank to deposit a $10 check I received. Later in the evening, someone came to drop off money he owed for a small favor I did for him. In turn, I went to the bank on Tuesday morning to deposit the check, and cash. This will then be applied to my Capital One Card that I use to pay bills with.

In addition, on Tuesday, I had to make a couple of phone calls to address a couple of things. Chris also stopped by and spent the night. However this day has been relatively quiet. One of the calls I had to make was for an appointment with my PCP. They managed to get me in the next morning. This however meant that Chris and I left my apartment at about 7:30AM. I went to his place after my appointment for lunch, and then back home.

On Thursday, I decided to give the dogs a longer than usual walk. As with my last walk where I returned home through Spring Garden Avenue, I did the same here too. However, we went as far as Downtown, but just at the edge. This tired them out, and they took a nap through a part of the afternoon. When I got home, I did a little bit of personal work, but for the most part, the day went quiet. I did a little chatting with someone via BBM. In the unlikely event you want to know my BBM, consider visiting my Contact Directory. And of course, Friday being trash collection day, this isn’t usually a concern, but I did gather some trash to throw out for the next day. This was done on Friday morning.

Saturday has been an eventful day. I ordered a Qi charger from Google, and a set of contact cards from VistaPrint. Both of them is being delivered part way by UPS, and the final journey via USPS. Why they simply won’t use USPS is beyond me, but what do I know? As for the business cards, they are simple and to the point. They have my name, my email address, my Contact Directory URL, and my United States Phone Number. In other words, just the basics.

The next week will be a little hectic. Tuesday, I will have to pay my bills, and will have a doctor’s appointment. My goals is to pay all of my bills (with exception of rent) via a credit card that gives cash back. This will mean I will send the money for the bills to this credit card rather than the bill. If nothing else, the cash back generated should be enough to help cover the costs of my videos or shows I would purchase. On the 1st, my rent and credit card charges will be paid. The money should be reflected on the 3rd. On the 2nd of the month, I will have a follow up appointment from my appointment on Wednesday.

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