Week 37 – 2014

A few things happened this week. One of the big things is I caught a flea on Talisa, so I went to Petco, and grabbed flea shampoo. Not quite what I wanted to spend the few funds I had on, but it was something that needed to be done. Of course, both Malak, and Talisa got a bath, and post treatment. I also had fallen a little ill with flu symptoms which forced me to buy medicine to make the coughs tolerable. Chris stopped by a couple of times, but nothing too exciting beyond that.

On a better note, a good friend of mine from Mexico City got a hold of me. She suddenly disappeared, but reappeared, so to me – that is a good thing. She now has a 7 month old son, but it has been more than a year since we had contact. In addition, I have been having problems with Yahoo Messenger which is leaving me to consider terminating the program from the PC. Otherwise, things are pretty much the same.  As for plans for next week, not much is planned. I will have to go for a dental appointment, and pay a bill. I will also have to get my prescription filled for my refills. Otherwise, the coming week will be rather quiet.

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