Week 44 – 2014

This week was slow with a lot of a waste of time towards the end. I will focus on this waste of time. One Friday (31st of October), I had jury duty. So, I have went through questioning, and sitting with interviews, right? Wrong. I spent the entire day waiting, and waiting before lunch, then waiting, and waiting again before being released around 3:30PM. In turn, I got $10.70 for my time with my lunch costing $8.00 and then there is bus fare. On top of that, I couldn’t pick up the dogs’ heartworm prevention medicine.

Other than that, not much happened. I walked the dogs on Saturday, and prepared for my bills to be paid. This meant that I paid the rent, and the electric while transferring the remainder to my credit cards, and Google Wallet. I also have a deposit which I will have to make on Monday. As for plans for next week, I will have to go to get cleats on my shoes, get the dogs’ heartworm prevention medicine, make a deposit, and a couple of other errands. My goal is to do everything on one day as to reduce the amount of bus fare I will have to spend.

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