Week 9 – 2014

This is my first weekly update which replaces the daily update. This week could have been better. I received my T-Mobile bill, and noticed there was a discrepancy in my data for my Nexus 7. After talking with a half of dozen people (literally), and went through a range of email communications, I have the problem partially solved. It would seem that 30 days after I activated the tablet, my data is terminated even though I am supposed to get 200MB for the life of the tablet. A support ticket was sent to the engineer, but this could be as late as the first Monday of March for someone to address it. In the meantime, I am stuck having to get a 500MB data added to my bill, and the representative couldn’t even do that correctly. Email support fixed that, and promises to refund the charges for the 500MB while I fight to get my 200MB for that I am entitled too.

It got extremely cold this week again, but I managed to walk the dogs a few time. However, there were also a couple of days where it was dangerously cold for them to be going for a walk. Of course, they got to play indoors which is nice and warm. Talisa especially loves to sleep under the wool blanket at night. The dogs are doing well, although one of them misplaced the Kong toy again so I had to put the other one up until I take the time to look for it.

I had to go to Downtown to make some copies, and acquire some postage stamps. This was done on Friday. Andrea is giving me problems with paying her bill again and I doubt I will keep her running after April when her contract expires. If this becomes the case, both her and my oldest nephew’s line will have to be confiscated and terminated. It’s a shame as this is not his fault, but his mother’s. She was supposed to make a payment on Thursday, but she “forgot”, and is “sorry”. In my opinion, both are a crock of s**t.

On a lighter note, I been working on one of my Big Ass What If Sites which will take a little time. However, I am trying to keep myself occupied. I also been building a personal Yellow Page Directory which is Internet connected. This will allow me to acquire the phone numbers, and other information of businesses I have to deal with, but don’t really fit in my Contacts. In addition, I made a banner for the possible event that I should ever get to used Google Hangouts. It will provide my name (obviously), and my .TEL address if someone should want that contact information.

And of course, Friday is the day I received my benefits. This is because the first of the month falls on a holiday or weekend. So, my money comes into my bank account, and not much is left after I pay my rent, utilities, phone, and give most of what is left to my credit card. Since I owe so much on it, I will be rather aggressive in paying it off. And while I am sure that I will end up having to use the card to buy essentials, the idea will be that older payments will be paid, and this should reduce my interests. As for my minimum payments, I always multiply what the card company says by 2, and add my monthly recurring, and interest charges on the payments. In most cases, I tend to do more than just that though.

As for plans for the coming week, I will have to get dog food, and will have a dental appointment. I will also have some mail that will need to go off as well. I am also hoping that T-Mobile will fix the problem they created in regards to my tablet.

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