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There has been a little casual interests on what is on my phone or tablet. To make life simpler, I will be combining all three on one page. In addition, I will be noting what will be on a future replacement home phone – although, since I don’t have that device – it isn’t guaranteed. The devices I will make note of will include a Highsense Sero 7, a Google Nexus 4-16GB, and a Nexus Full HD (2013 edition) 7-32GB with LTE. In case anyone would want to know, I have written reviews of all three.

All three devices have a few things in common. First, they are all registered under my main UID with Google. Second, they are all running Android 4.1 or higher. While I would have preferred iOS for my home media player, the cost of an iOS device was simply prohibitive. All three devices are also used daily – although intended to serve particular roles. I won’t go into specs, nor my opinions of these devices as again – this was done in reviews of all three.

All Devices

  • Standard Default Applications for Google Android OS
  • iSyncr
  • Pandora

The Table Below will also provide a comparison of all of my devices that I have currently

Application Sero 7 Nexus 4 Nexus 7
aFirewall No Yes No
Android Device Manager Yes Yes Yes
BBM No Yes No
Delayed Lock No Yes Yes
DoggCatcher No No Yes
DropBox No Yes Yes
Feedly No No Yes
Flashlight No Yes No
Google Drive No Yes Yes
Google Keep No Yes Yes
Google Voice No Yes Yes
Google Wallet No Yes Yes
inJustice No No Yes
Light Flow No Yes No
Lookout No Yes Yes
Profile Scheduler + No Yes No
Skype No No Yes
Trigger No No Yes
Vudu Yes (can’t remove) No Yes

Android Device Manager allows me to locate one of my devices remote lock, and even remote wipe it. With this in mind, it is every device. Delayed Lock however is only on my mobile devices as they are the ones that are likely to be stolen. Delayed Lock allows me to set up parameters on when I will be prompted for a password, or PIN. Lookout goes on another path by providing some level of protection from viruses and malware.

Light Flow allows me to set color and frequency rate on the LED notification based on various tasks. Profile Scheduler allows me to make changes to the settings based on time, event, or location. For example when I am not home, my screen brightness is set to Auto, Ringer is higher, and the wifi is turned off. Cellular networks is used to determine location. Another setting is late at night, ringer, is off (with exception to the White List), sync is off, and brightness is minimum. Trigger handles the controller and setting up NFC tags (if I should get any new ones).

BBM and Skype are both IM service/clients. While I used to have WhatsApp, the application is being considered on being removed from my cellular phone. Google Voice handles my SMS, and directs my calls in a way that when I call someone, it will show my Google Voice number instead of my cellular phone number.

DoggCatcher handles my video podcasts, especially since I am OK with viewing it on my tablet rather than expecting iTunes to do more work. Feedly handles my RSS feed, and does so in a manner that is a little tedious, but the best option nonetheless. Vudu handles some of the free movies I have received by creating a Vudu account, but I am not confident I will continue to buy from them.

Drop Box, Google Drive, and Google Keep are all cloud based storage solutions. Most of my documents, and files go through Google, and one day – I will like to be comfortable with eliminating the need for online backup. InJustice is the only real game I have on my tablet. I refuse to install games on phones since they will otherwise drain the battery too much. Google Wallet allows me to add funds to my card, and if I should find a Not McDonalds to support NFC payments, I could use the tablet rather than the physical card.

Future Devices

I would eventually want to add a new media player. In which case, it will be expected for it to host mostly media and music applications rather than anything else. I will also want to replace my DECT phone with an Android phone that will function for wifi. Once this happens, communications based apps such as Acrobits, and Skype. These devices will be acquired as resources are made available.

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