A House

In the very unlikely event there is a multi-millionaire reading this page that is in a giving mood, I would want a house. To meet some of my needs, any house I were to get will need some renovation work to meet my needs for not only the present, but future. With that in mind, it would make a lot of sense to buy an abandoned house, gut it, renovate it, then furnish it.

With that in mind, the plumbing will be Flexible PEX pipes which will run from the water closet to the appropriate fixture. This will mean only two possible points of failures, and make repairs easier. This piping system will also be used for underfloor radiant heating which will eliminate the need for an HVAC system. Ceiling fans will provide cooling for the summer.

The electrical system will be straightforward. There will be a solar panel array on the roof. There will also be a battery backup system which will provide electricity for a few days in the event of a power outage. The outlets and switches will be positioned to make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to access them. This is in the event that I would have to go into surgery again.

There will be RG6 coaxial cable in all of the main rooms. This will allow the TV to connect with a rooftop OTA Antenna. This will eliminate the need for expensive cable. The TVs will be smart TVs which will also allow access to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. In addition to coaxial, the home will have multiple Cat7 RJ45 connections. This will provide a local network connection of 10GBPS which will be more than sufficient for streaming content, and using SIP services. Each floor will have the latest standards for Wifi capability. This will allow me to have an IAX server for home telephony rather than paying for a more expensive landline, or an additional cellular service.

For safety standards, there will be a fire sprinkler system in every room. This will help minimize the damage in case there was a fire. There will be an interconnected smoke detector. The chances of a fire will be reduced as there will be no gas line. Cooking and heating will be electric. There will also be a inground radiant system to melt the snow and ice from the sidewalk. There will also be a wheelchair ramp, and an elevator.

For security, the house will have an alarm system. This of course will mean a monthly monitoring fee. Each bedroom will have at least one safe. The doorbell will be a Ring Doorbell, and the front door will be a maglock system. For mail, there will be an in the door mail slot to minimize the chance of someone stealing the mail.

The decor will be a follows. The flooring will be black cork tile. The counters will be black granite, or laminate. The walls will be gray. The ceilings and fans will be white. This will bring a dark to light contrast on the house’s interior and make a unique look. For appliances, there will be the standards, but rather than the clothes washer/dryer being in the basement, it will be on the second floor which is where the bedrooms will be. This will make it easier to do laundry.