Notebook PC

I will like to get a new PC. The one I have now works well enough, but find it annoying with Microsoft and their Windows 10 OS. I will like to get a Linux based notebook to do my productivity on. I will keep the old PC for use with iTunes, but for everything else – I am hoping to be able to use the new PC if I should get it.

The machine I will look for into trying to get is a System76 Darter Pro. I will replace the OS with Linux Mint. The system will have a 15″ Matte 1080p screen. For the CPU, there will be a Core i7 8565U which has a maximum speed of 4.7Ghz. There will be 32GB of memory, and a 2TB NVME flash module. The system will have Wifi-AC, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. However, if I had a say, there would also be LTE, but that is not the case. I will also opt for the 3 year warranty to protect my investment as much as possible. The system all together will be about $2,400.